Peer reviews of Gemodel

GEMODEL is a powerful microeconomic simulation model ... Social scientists, especially economists, interested in a microeconomic general equilibrium approach to economic relationships and issues will find GEMODEL both useful and thought-provoking ... I highly recommend it for ... both instructional and research purposes.
Social Science Micro-Computer Review, 1987

William Anderson wrote in the Professional Geographer 39(1), February 1987:
... there are some ways in which it can be applied in geographic teaching. For instance, simulations can be run under alternative assumptions concerning international trade. The economy is defined either open or closed. In an open economy, world prices and import duties may be changed to simulate the effect of foreign competition and trade policy. . . . Another application of interest to geographers involves the use of land as a productive input. Land may be used to represent any renewable resource. The initial endowment of land may be reduced to represent a degradation of the resource. Simulation results may be compared to base-case results to indicate the economic consequence of such a degradation. . . GEMODEL's documentation is fairly complete . . .

... this package opens up exciting possibilities for students to explore and verify economic theory ...
Economic Journal, 1990

... For the development of teaching or simple comparative statics applications, GEMODEL should be considered.
Economic Journal, 1993

Saxon Bretell and Ben Gardiner of Cambridge Econometrics had this to say about GEMODEL:
... easy to use package, supporting its purpose of teaching GEM material in a numerical environment that demonstrates well the issues involved in setting up CGEMS ... The package presents a rich variety of data files ... thus provide[s] an effective complement to GEM theory courses.
Economic Journal, 1998, pages 249-52.