Surname, given names Last employer Rank Service
Date of
Age Regiment
or service
Awards Grave or
Cemetery or Memorial Name
ABAITUA, JOHN BAPTISTE de, born 18 April 1898, baptized 19 June 1898 St Matthias, Liverpool, son of John Baptiste de Abaitua and Elizabeth Ann Holmes, of 8 Eden St., Lodge Lane, Liverpool. His father was a ships carpenter. Estancia La Primavera, Roberts Gunner 161433 21/03/1918 19 Royal Field Artillery ... 2.G.10 CHAUNY COMMUNAL CEMETERY BRITISH EXTENSION
AMOS, HENRY CHARLTON, AICE (1910). Born 1882 at Newcastle-on-Tyne, eldest son of John Hetherington Amos, General Manager of the River Tees Conservancy Commission at Middlesbrough, Yorkshire, and Dorothy Mary Charlton. His mother died 1898. In 1901 married Lilian Florence Mitchell. Came to Buenos Aires 13/08/1911 by MS Asturias. Worked on construction of Puerto Nuevo. B.A., by W. H. Walker & Sons. Killed in the Dardanelles. C.E. on own account Lieutenant ... 22/07/1915 32 Royal Naval Division (Engineers), 2nd Field Coy. ... I. F. 2. SKEW BRIDGE CEMETERY
ANDERSON, ROBERT COVENTRY. Native of Glasgow, son of James and Agnes Campbell Willison Anderson. Educated at Kelvinside Academy. Died of wounds. Had served in South African War. Was the owner of La Caledonia. Estancia La Caledonia, Colonia Alvear 2nd Lieut. ... 04/11/1917 38 Royal Field Artillery ... XIII. A. 12. DOZINGHEM MILITARY CEMETERY
ASHFORTH, DUDLEY SUTTON, born at Rosario de Santa Fe 7 May 1895; baptized at St. Bartholomew, Rosario, 22 June 1895, son of Central Argentine Railway Goods Agent William Ashforth and Elizabeth Taylor, his wife. Educated at Portsmouth. He was the sniping officer from 27 January 1916 and became the battalion Intelligence officer, later Brigade Intelligence officer on 12 August 1916. Anglo-South American Bank, Buenos Aires 2nd Lieut. ... 15/09/1916 21 Rifle Brigade, 8th Bn. ... Pier and Face 16 B and 16 C. THIEPVAL MEMORIAL
BACKHOUSE, St. JOHN SALMON. Born 1888 in Scarcroft, Yorkshire. Killed in action in Bulgaria. Liebig's, Fábrica Colón; formerly Central Argentine Rly., Rosario. 2nd Lieut. ... 03/04/1918 28 Royal Air Force and Cameron Highlanders ... I. D. 2. SOFIA WAR CEMETERY
BAKER, THOMAS EDWARD, born 12 December 1879, baptized at St Peter's, Flores, 8 February 1880, son of John Law Baker, estanciero at Azul, and Jessie Paton Jack Estancia La Devonia, Azul Gunner 100637 26/06/1917 ... Royal Field Artillery, 123rd Bty. 28th Bde ... G. 44. BRUAY COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION
BARR, JOHN LYLE. Died at No. 2 Stationary Hospital, Abbéville, France, of wounds he received during the opening days of the Battle of the Somme. Son of Mary Train and James Barr, C.E. Married Isobel Gilmour before being shipped out. Both John's brothers perished in the war : Pte. Frederick Train Barr on 25 February, 1915, and Captain William Speirs Barr on 23 May, 1917. Agar, Cross & Co., 3 years in London and 5 years in Buenos Aires. Lieutenant ... 26/07/1916 26 Royal Field Artillery, "C" Bty. 157th Bde ... VI. B. 2. ABBÉVILLE COMMUNAL CEMETERY
BEAK, FRANK LESLIE, baptized 19 May 1889 in Ashton-Keynes, Wiltshire, son of Isaac Beak and Elizabeth Mary Hogg. Husband of Margery G. Haynes (married 1916 Hampstead), of 15, Evelyn Court, Cheltenham, Glos. London and Brazilian Bank, Buenos Aires Lieutenant ... 09/04/1918 28 Royal Horse Artillery ... Panel 1. PLOEGSTEERT MEMORIAL
BEER, ADOLPH GEORGE, born 1886 in Birkenhead, son of the late Adolphus William Beer and Emily Dorlinda Grimshaw; husband of Marie Beer, of 40, Penkett Rd., Wallasey, Cheshire. Assistant Secretary, YMCA, Buenos Aires. Sergeant 18872 16/09/1916 29 The Buffs (East Kent Regt.); 16th Coy. Machine Gun Corps (Infantry) M.M. THIEPVAL MEMORIAL
BELL, THOMAS HECTOR, born 1892 in Carlisle, son of Robert and Isabella Ross, of Gordonstown, Elgin. Came from Buenos Aires at his own expense to enlist, Sept., 1914. London and River Plate Bank, Buenos Aires 2nd Lieut. ... 09/02/1916 24 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders), 11th Bn. attd. 9th Bn. ... VI. C. 30. VERMELLES BRITISH CEMETERY
BENITZ, FRANK ALLYN, born on Bunge's estancia near Rincón de Landa, department of Gualeguachú, 25 May 1893, son of William Otto Benitz and Clara Electa Allyn, of Estancia La California, Santa Fe. Attended Malvern College. England, 1907-1910; University of Illinois at Urbana, 1911-1913; qualified as a pilot at the Quilmes Airport, Buenos Aires, in 1917; was killed while flying at the Scampton Aeroport, England Estancia La California Lieutenant ... 05/08/1918 25 Royal Air Force ... C. 117. GAINSBOROUGH GENERAL CEMETERY
BENNETT, ALBERT HENRY, born in Buenos Aires, only surviving son of Henry George Bennett and Caroline Elizabeth Hunt, of 4306, Caseros, Buenos Aires, formerly of Ingeniero White. His parents married at St. Andrew's, Buenos Aires, 21/03/1885. London and Brazilian Bank, Buenos Aires 2nd Lieut. ... 06/11/1916 29 Leicestershire Regiment, 6th Bn. ... IV. A. 75. LONGUENESSE (ST. OMER) SOUVENIR CEMETERY
BIEDERMANN, HARRY CHARLES ERNEST, born 1887 at Eton, son of Adolphus Heinrich Biedermann and Pauline Grunebaum. His mother was Austrian (from Vienna) as were his grandparents Alfred Biedermann and Pauline Lang. Educated at Harrow. He never returned from a photography flight over the Houthulst Forest on 10 August 1917. Estancia La Marion, Volta, of John Alexander Brown 2nd Lieut. ... 10/08/1917 28 Royal Flying Corps, 57th Sqdn. and Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars. ... ... ARRAS FLYING SERVICES MEMORIAL
BINGLEY, ARTHUR NOEL, Son of the Rev. John Thomas Bingley and Jessie Wood, of 121, North Hill, Highgate, London. Born at Sutton, Isle of Ely, Cambs.. Touche, Faller & Co., Buenos Aires 2nd Lieut. ... 14/06/1916 32 110th Coy. Machine Gun Corps (Infantry). ... F. 11 HANNESCAMPS NEW MILITARY CEMETERY
BIRCHALL, WILFRID ARTHUR, son of Mr. C. E. Birchall, of Churchfield, Edge Ealle, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester. London and Brazilian Bank, Buenos Aires Lieutenant ... 28/11/1917 ... Nottinghamshire Yeomanry (Sherwood Rangers) ... Y.56. JERUSALEM WAR CEMETERY
BORROWS, MARK EDDIE Son of Henry and Isabella Borrows. Cory Bros., Buenos Aires Serjeant 6688 09/05/1915 20 2nd Bn. King's Royal Rifle Corps. ... ... LE TOURET MEMORIAL
BOURNE, JOHN, killed in action, France London and River Plate Bank, Buenos Aires 2nd Lieut. ... ??/??/1917 ... Royal Field Artillery ... ... ...
BOWER, MAURICE SYNDERCOMBE, was born 1 August 1875 at Fontmell Parva, Dorset, England, son of Henry Syndercombe Bower and Sarah Matilda Salkeld. Educated Radley and Cirencester Agric Coll., Married, 1 August 1901, Geraldine Halliburton (died 24th May 1946) Their children were (1) Kathleen Margaret Bower, born 5th October 1902; (2) Maurice Brenton Syndercombe Bower of Bagber, Sturminster Newton, Dorset, born 19 September 1906, educated Winchester & Pembroke Coll. Cambridge, Squadron Leader RAF; (3) Lionel Claud Syndercombe Bower, born 22 September 1908, killed in action at Calais 27th May 1940. Captain, 1st Bn, KRRC; and (4) Nigel Charles Fitzgerald Bower, educated Malvern and Pembroke Coll, Cambridge. Estanciero at Pigüé. Lieutenant ... 13/01/1919 43 Royal Army Service Corps ... I.A.11. SOFIA WAR CEMETERY
BOYD, FRANCIS ABERCROMBY STEGGALL, born in 1898, only son of James Gammie Boyd and Frances M. C. Steggall, of Buenos Aires, and 8, Croftdown Rd., Highgate, London. Lacroze Co. power station at Zárate Rifleman B/200738 10/03/1917 19 Rifle Brigade, 7th Bn. formerly 2nd King Edward's Horse ... E. 8. AGNY MILITARY CEMETERY
BRADLEY, PHILIP WARDEN, Born on 12 October 1887 in Pietermartizburg, South Africa, son of Brig. Gen. Charles Edward Bradley C.B. and Alice Clive Murray. Educated at the United Services College 1902-06. Went to Argentina with his brother. Estancia El Gordo, Campo Santo, Salta; 2nd mayordomo Lieutenant ... 23/04/1915 27 Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment), 3rd Bn. ... Panel 45 and 47. YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL
BRAITHWAITE, JAMES LESLIE, born 1894 in Merthyr Tydfil, son of Mr. T. and Mrs. C. J. Braithwaite, of Fieldgrove, Bitton, Bristol. Estancia Las Invernadas, San Eduardo 2nd Lieut. ... 22/07/1916 22 Royal Field Artillery, attd. "U" Bty. Royal Horse Artillery ... I. F. 56. DARTMOOR CEMETERY, BECORDEL-BECOURT
Born: 26 Iyyar 5634 (13 May 1874) Fivedock, Sydney, New South Wales. Educated at Sydney Grammar School, Australia
Chief Reporter, The B.A. Standard, Buenos Aires Captain ... 19/06/1917 43 2nd Garrison Bn. Essex Regiment ... E. B. 19 NASIRABAD GOVERNMENT CEMETERY
BRIDGER, DAVID EDGAR, born in 1889 in Uruguay, son of Robert Bridger and Aminta Ann Cash, his wife; moved to Argentina in 1902; died of scarlet fever in England. Estancia La Argentina, Cuenca, of John Alexander Brown Private 738 19/04/1915 ... 1st King Edward's Horse ... 13 BIGGLESWADE CEMETERY
BRODIE, ALLAN, died of wounds Ashworth & Co., Buenos Aires Lieut. ... 27/07/1916 ... 13th Bn. Highland Light Infantry ... V. A. 5 LAPUGNOY MILITARY CEMETERY
BROWN, HERBERT C. Las Palmas Produce Co. ... ... July 1915 ... Royal Engineers ... ... ...
BROWN, OSWALD STANLEY, born in Manchester 27 September 1885, baptized 8 November 1885 at St.Mary, St. Denys & St. George, Manchester, son of Edwin Brown and Mary Ellen Vernon. Estancia El Cardo, Santa Fe 2nd Lieut. ... 22/12/1915 30 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders), 3rd Bn. attd. 1st Bn. ... Panel 78 to 83 LOOS MEMORIAL
BROWN, WILLIAM JAMES, died of wounds. Telephone Exchange, Port Madryn, Chubut Lance Corporal 21273 16/09/1917 ... 2nd Dragoon Guards (Queen's Bays). ... BROOKWOOD MILITARY CEMETERY
Son of the late John and Jane Pollock Bryce, of 24, Cairnhill Crescent, Carnbroe, Coatbridge; husband of the late Elizabeth Crane Bryce. Served in the South African Campaign. Returned from Buenos Ayres to enlist.
Estancia La Inés, Divisadero Lance Corporal 6995 16/06/1915 35 Gordon Highlanders, 1st Btn. ... Panel 38. YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL
BURCH, SYDNEY GASKING, left 08/09/1915, died of wounds. Eldest son of Frederick Burch and Elizabeth Catherine Gasking, of Murray Hill, Killinley, Co. Dublin. Educated at Framlingham College (1903-09). Sanday & Co., Rosario Lieut. ... 13/11/1916 24 South Nottinghamshire Hussars. ... LONSDALE CEMETERY, AUTHUILLE
BUTLER, EDMUND WILLIAM, son of John P. Butler, of 40, Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin., died of wounds received at Messines. Estancia in Maggiolo Major ... 18/04/1918 26 2nd Life Guards, attd. 8th Bn. Gloucestershire Regiment MC XXVIII. J. 7. ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERY
CALDWELL, HENRY CHARLES. Born at Quilmes 13 July 1900, son of Vere Caldwell and Louisa Mary Abraham. Husband of Rona Vivien Spencer Shaw, of Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex. Joined RAFVR in 1940, commissioned as a Pilot Officer on 19 July 1941. Appointed Assistant Air Attaché to Madrid in 1944. Crashed when flying British Ambassador to Barcelona. Cattle judge and Manager of Estancia La Corona at Carlos Casares. Squadron Leader 103013 18/05/1944 43 Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve ... ... MADRID BRITISH CEMETERY
CAMERON, WILLIAM CRAMPTON, Native of Regent's Park. Son of Donald Cameron and Mary Elizabeth Morris, of 6, Augustus Rd., Hammersmith, London. Left April 1971. Thompson Muebles Ltd., Buenos Aires. Private 507101 23/08/1918 32 1st/14th Bn. London Regiment (London Scottish). ... VI. G. 17 LONSDALE CEMETERY, AUTHUILLE
CAMPBELL, ANGUS HAMILTON, son of Angus Hamilton Campbell. A mining engineer resident of Villa Devoto, Buenos Aires. Married Elizabeth Sybil Hoole Lumley on 10 May 1911 at St Saviour, Belgrano. They had one son and two daughters when he was commissioned 2nd Lieut. in November 1915. He died of wounds at Llandyrry House, Llandyrry in Carmarthenshire. Lieutenant ... 12/03/1919 44 170th Tunneling Coy., R.E. M.C. H. 97 HAMPSTEAD (ST. JOHN) ADDITIONAL BURIAL GROUND
CAMPBELL, JOHN ARGENTINE, owner of Estancia El Jabali in the Department of Carlos Casares, Buenos Aires. Born 20 October 1877, in Entre Rios, baptized at St. Andrew's, Buenos Aires, 25 April 1878, son of John Campbell and Maria del Rosario Robson. Husband of Myra Gertrude Grant. Daughter Eleanor Joan was baptized at St. Andrew's 30 December 1914. Volunteered in 1915. Played Foreward in the Scottish Rugby International. Also played for West of Scotland FC. El Jabali became owned by Roderick, John D. and Eleanor J. M. Campbell. Estancia El Jabali, Carlos Casares Lieutenant ... 02/12/1917 40 6th Dragoons (Inniskilling) ... I. A. 2. HONNECHY BRITISH CEMETERY
ducated at the Birkenhead Institute.
Deloitte, Plender, Griffiths & Co. 2nd Lieut. ... 01/07/1916 ... Royal Irish Rifles, 9th Bn. ... Pier and Face 15 A and 15 B. THIEPVAL MEMORIAL
Born 15/03/1882 in Nottingham, son of William C. Carter, Bank House, Hucknall. Educated at Nottingham High School 12/09/1899 to December 1903. A Clerk in Smiths Bank before going to Argentina.
Mortally wounded 1st July 1916, close to the village of Ovillers.
London and Brazilian Bank, Buenos Aires 2nd Lieut. ... 03/07/1916 28 Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment), 11th Bn. ... Plot 1. Row B. Grave 22. CORBIE COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION
CASHMORE, ERNEST WILLIAM, born 7 May 1893 in Smethwick, son of William and Emma Cashmore Agar, Cross & Co. Sub-Lieutenant ... 13/11/1916 23 Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, Nelson Bn. R.N. Div. ... VII. A. 1. ANCRE BRITISH CEMETERY, BEAUMONT-HAMEL
CHANTRILL, REGINALD PERCIVAL, Native of Edgbaston, Birmingham. Son of Mrs. K. Chantrill, of 17, Princes Square, Bayswater, London, and the late James Bevan Chantrill. Bevan R. Chantrill & Co., Buenos Aires. Lieut. ... 26/10/1917 36 78th Bde. Royal Field Artillery ... I. D. 20 SOLFERINO FARM CEMETERY
CLARK, BASIL VYSE, born 1 November 1896 in La Plata, baptized 5 January 1897 at Holy Trinity, Lomas de Zamora, son of Edward George Clark and Margaret Vyse. His father was sub-manager of the River Plate Electric Light Co., 1896-1904. Died in the Somme, France.   Lieutenant ... 24/07/1918 21 Royal Field Artillery, "A" Battery, 121st Brigade. ... Plot 1, Row E, Grave 42 ACHEUX BRITISH CEMETERY.
CLARKE, CLIFFORD HARTLEY. Drowned at sea after Canadian hospital ship was torpedoed off Ireland on voyage from Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Liverpool. Son of Lois Gertrude Clarke (nee Roe), of 609, Paraguay, Buenos Aires, and the late Robert Clarke. Born at Ipswich. Nelson Shipping Line, Buenos Aires. Assistant Steward ... 27/06/1918 24 H.M.H.S. Llandovery Castle (London) ... ... TOWER HILL MEMORIAL
COBBOLD, NORMAN, born 10 January 1896, baptized at the Hotel de Londres, Bahía Blanca, 20 September 1897, son of Walter Joseph Cobbold, estanciero at Napostá, and Margaret Elizabeth Pettigrew. His brother, Walter Frederick Cobbold, born 21 May 1887, baptized at Chascomús 27 April 1887, manager of a farm in North Queensland, Australia, at the outbreak of war, was Lieut. in the 28th Bn. Australian Imperial Forces, died 10 June 1918. Anglo-South American Bank, Buenos Aires Private 13882 19/04/1916 20 Scots Guards,1st Bn. ... Panel 11. YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL
COLLIVER, NORMAN HERCULES TREGONING, born 1892 in Truro. London and River Plate Bank, Buenos Aires Private 23279 30/04/1917 24 Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, 6th Bn. ... I. C. 27. BUCQUOY ROAD CEMETERY, FICHEUX
CONDER, ALBERT EDWARD, arrived to Belfast from Rosario on 13 May 1916; enlisted 22 May 1916; discharged 16 July 1917 due to sickness; died of wounds. Hume Bros ... ... Nov. 1918 33 King Edward's Horse ... ... ...
COX, HENRY JACK, born 26 November 1888 in Sidcup, Kent, baptized 11 September 1892 at All Saints with St. Margaret, Upper Norwood, son of the solicitor's clerk Charles William Cox and Eliza Maunder Chorley, of The Cot, Glen Avenue, Herne Bay, Kent. London and River Plate Bank, Rosario Captain ... 31/07/1917 28 Royal Fusiliers, 12th Bn. ... IX. L. 1. HOOGE CRATER CEMETERY
CRAWFORD, CYRIL HAMILTON, died of wounds; son of Leslie Crawford. Drowned at sea after Canadian hospital ship was torpedoed off Ireland on voyage from Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Liverpool. Son of Lois Gertrude Clarke (nee Roe), of 609, Paraguay, Buenos Aires, and the late Robert Clarke. Born at Ipswich. Fortune, Douglas & Co, Buenos Aires. Rifleman R/23448 31/08/1916 ... 2nd Bn. King's Royal Rifle Corps (London) ... B. 24. 35. ST. SEVER CEMETERY, ROUEN
CRAWFORD-SMITH, HAROLD, son of T. Crawford-Smith of Kirkcaldy-road, Grange, South Australia. He went from Australia to Argentina in April 1914, left in 1915, and died in motorcycle accident. El Colorado was owned by F. H. Balfour. Estancia El Colorado, Washington 2nd Lieut. ... 10/10/1916 21 Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars ... ... Chingford Mount Cemetery, London.
CRICHTON, JOHN FAIRWEATHER, brother of Mr. W. F. Crichton, of 53, Priory Place, Craigie, Perth. La Plata Cold Storage Co., Buenos Aires Lieutenant ... 18/07/1916 31 8th Bn. The Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) ... Pier and Face 10 A. THIEPVAL MEMORIAL
CRIMMIN, FLORENCE, a mayordomo born at Te Karaka, near Gisborne, New Zealand. Reported missing in Greece. Estancia San Juan, Las Moscas, ER Lieutenant ... 24/04/1917 ... Royal North Devon Hussars ... ... DOIRAN MEMORIAL
born 24 June 1882 in Buckingham, only son of William Henry Cripps; educated at Bath, served in the South African War; married Winifred Louise Butler, daughter of John James Butler, in Willesden on 13 February 1915.
Electrical Engineer with Fairbanks, Morse & Co., Buenos Aires. Petty Officer London 1/3501 25/05/1915 33 Drake Bn. R.N. Div. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve ... ... HELLES MEMORIAL
CULLERNE, ALAN BAIRD, husband of Caroline Allright (Babbage) Cullerne, son William London Busch Handyside and Alive Eva MacMichael. He was an orphan when he came to King Edward's School, Witley, in 1903. His mother had died in 1901 and his father in 1902. He was adopted in 1903 by his guardians Mr and Mrs Cullerne of Guildford. His occupation was Carpenter and he was described as very good. He left in 1908 to continue his education. Later he worked for the Western Telegraph Company. He married in 1917 and his daughter was born at the end of 1918 around the time he was killed. Western Telegraph Co., Buenos Aires 2nd. Lieut. ... 23/10/1918 28 7th Bn. Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment) M.C. Plot III. B. 3. LE CÂTEAU COMMUNAL CEMETERY
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES BURNS, son of Peter and Annie McCrossan Cunningham, of 206, Finlay Drive, Dennistoun, Glasgow. Left Argentina 30th September 1914 La Plata Cold Storage Co., La Plata Sergeant 41930 16/10/1917 27 Royal Field Artillery. "B" Bty. 78th Bde. ... XXX. D. 16 ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERY
CURRIE, THOMAS EDWARD, son of Archibald and Amelia Currie, of Veylanel, 112, Hackthorne Rd., Cashmere Hills, Christchurch, New Zealand. Died of wounds in Gallipoli. Estancia Neopalia, Piedritas Trooper ... 22/07/1915 29 Canterbury Mounted Rifles, N.Z.E.F. ... 71 LONE PINE MEMORIAL
DARRINGTON, CLARENCE PHILIP. Born in 1893, son of Thomas Clarington and Clara Mummery, of Enfield, Middx.; husband of Nora W. Williamson (married 1918), of The Knowle, Bower Chalke, Salisbury. British Bank of South America, Buenos Aires Lieutenant ... 27/11/1918 25 London Regiment (London Rifle Brigade) ... XLV. A. 8. ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERY
DAVIES, WILFRID MELVILLE, died influenza France The Buenos Aires Herald Staff Sgt. (Armourer) ... 06/12/1918 7th Bn. Northamptonshire Regt. ... E 2 ASCQ COMMUNAL CEMETERY
Son of William Dickie and Elizabeth Burgess Murray, of Bon Accord, Lago Argentino, Rio Gallegos. He came to England from Argentine, at his own expense, to serve. Estancia Bon Accord was established about 1903 by William Dickie, who emigrated in 1901 from Oldmeldrum, near Aberdeen.
Estancia Bon Accord, Lago Argentino Lance Corporal 2279 24/12/1916 27 Royal Horse Guards D.C.M. VIII. C. 190. BOULOGNE EASTERN CEMETERY
DOCKING, ROBERT JAMES, born 1892, son of James Clement Docking Docking and Ellen Gathergood, of 187, Byson Avenue, Manor Park, London. British Bank of South America Lieutenant ... 10/02/1917 24 Royal Flying Corps, 43rd Sqdn. and 9th Bn. The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) ... I. H. 8. AIRE COMMUNAL CEMETERY
DODDS, WALTER MELBOURNE, born 1885, 2nd son of Jane Dodds, of Calbourne, Haywards Heath, and the late Col. W H Dodds, VD. He entered Durham School House in September 1899 and left in December 1902 to serve his articles in Chartered Accountancy. In 1912 he accepted an appointment in Buenos Aires. First enrolled in King Edward's Horse. He was severely wounded during an attack on the Chemical Factory at Roeux on 29/04/1917, was taken prisoner, and died after several operations in a German hospital near Posen. Touche, Faller & Co. Buenos Aires Captain 14/10/1918 33 Northumberland Fusiliers, 23rd (Tyneside Scottish) Bn. ... Plot 1, Row A POZNAN OLD GARRISON CEMETERY
DOWSETT, JOSEPH, born 1888 in Red Hill, Surrey, son of George Dowsett and Mary Ann Lambert. Arrived in England on Alcantara, 28 December 1914. Groom for Cordoba Land Co., Estancia Los Alfalfares, Arias Private G/4251 16/05/1915 26 The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment), 2nd Bn. ... Panel 4 and 5. LE TOURET MEMORIAL
DYKE, OLIVER MARTIN, indentured to Merchant Navy (Prince Line) at Newcastle on 6 Fenuary 1907. Prince Line of Steamers Private 18/1679 29/07/1916 26 Durham Light Infantry, 18th Bn. ... XI. B. 6 MERVILLE COMMUNAL CEMETERY
ELIAS, HAROLD GLENDOWER, husband of May Chamberlain, of 27 Bury Road, Haslingden. He died of bronchial pneumonia in a general hospital in Mesopotamia. He enlisted in 1914, and was in France for 18 months, and was then wounded in the back. He was for a time as inmate in the Haslingden hospital and on his recovery was drafted out to Mesopotamia. He died on October 4th. He left a widow and one child, Owen. motor expert of Banham & Co, Buenos Aires Private 553415 08/10/1918 25 Royal Engineers, Inland Water Transport ... I. O. 20 BASRA WAR CEMETERY
ENGLAND, JOHN KENNETH (JACK K), born 24 June 1889, baptized at Concordia 7 July 1889, son of George England and Amy Attlee, of estancia Jubileo; husband of Helen Dorothy Hall (married 1918 in Marylebone), of Bryn, Ruthin, North Wales. Estancia Los Porteños, La Francia 2nd Lieut. ... 05/09/1918 29 East Surrey Regiment, 8th Bn. ... Officers, C. 1. 1 ST. SEVER CEMETERY, ROUEN
EWART, WILLIAM GRIEVE. Born in Edinburgh 5 November 1882, son of James Ewart and Eliza Agnes Grieve, of Littledene, Burntisland, Fife. Estancia Los Aromos, San Genaro Lieutenant ... 30/03/1918 34 Fife and Forfar Yeomanry ... Bay 1. ARRAS MEMORIAL
FARRAN, CHARLES, born 31 July 1887, baptized at St. John's, Buenos Aires, 16 November 1887, son of Mary Florence Buchanan Tucker, of Sucre 3335, Belgrano, Buenos Aires, and the late Richard Johnson Farran, who had been a broker in Buenos Aires. San Eduardo belonged to Drabble Bros. Estancia San Eduardo, Pradere 2nd Lieut. 334681 24/08/1916 29 King's Royal Rifle Corps ... Pier and Face 13 A and 13 B. THIEPVAL MEMORIAL
FENN, EDWARD GERALD PALMER, born 2 September 1894, Grey Friars Colchester, son of Dr. Edward Liveing Fenn, J.P., and Edith Todd, of Alston Court, Nayland, Suffolk. His first School (Preparatory) was at Broadstairs; thence he went to Sherborne, and, on leaving School, Matriculated at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. London and River Plate Bank, Buenos Aires 2nd Lieut. ... 19/09/1918 24 Royal Welsh Fusiliers ... U. 75. RAMLEH WAR CEMETERY
FINLAY, DAVID W, Son of David Finlay and Mary Sheldon, husband of Vera Doris Renton, of 2, Finchley Rd., Anfield, Liverpool. Left Argentina January 1916. Killed by trench mortar explosion. Phœnix Assurance, Buenos Aires Lance Cpl. 242577 17/10/1917 26 The King's (Liverpool Regiment), 1st/6th Bn. ... II. C. 19 TINCOURT NEW BRITISH CEMETERY
FISHER, HUBERT FRANK, OBE, born 29/09/1884 in Barnwood, son of John Ambrose Fisher and Esther Ada Fisher, of St Kilda, Heathville Rd., Gloucester. He was at Haywards­field from 1895-1898, and on leaving Wycliffe College he went to Bedford School for a short time. Later he took the engineering course at King's College, London, and on completing his training went out to Argentina in 1903 or 1904. There he superintended the erection of large refrigera­tion plants in different districts, and in 1910 he accepted the post of chief engineer and manager to an important firm. When war broke out he resigned his appointment and took up aviation, in order to fit himself for service. He passed his pilot's test in record time for the Aero Club, Argentina, and after volunteering for service at the British Embassy at Buenos Aires, he arrived in England and reported at the War Office early in 1916. He was sent to France in June 1916, was engaged in bombing for some months, was wounded when his machine was brought down and his observer killed. Later he was made flying instructor at Castle Bromwich, and subsequently was appointed Chief Instructor and Lecturer of the School of Aeronautics at the University of Toronto, Canada. Never having entirely recovered from his wound, he took sick leave November 1918, came home with a view to taking up an impor­tant appointment with the Sopwith Aeroplane Company in Argentina. He caught a chill at the end of March 1919 and died of pneumonia at the Royal Air Force Hospital, Eaton Square, London. motor expert, P Storm &. Co., Buenos Aires Major 22/03/1919 34 RAF ... St Lawrence Churchyard, Barnwood, Gloucester
FITZHERBERT, HAROLD LAUNCELOT. Killed at Ypres. Born 1893 in New Zealand, son of Fanny Fitzherbert née Stanford-Waterhouse, of New Zealand, and the late William Alfred Fitzherbert. He was at Marlborough from 1907 until 1910. Returning to New Zealand, he studied farming, and in the following year left for Argentina. Estancia Los Inglesitos of Gibson Bros. Lieutenant ... 30/06/1916 23 Royal Sussex Regiment ... XV. R. 36. CABARET-ROUGE BRITISH CEMETERY, SOUCHEZ
FITZHERBERT, WYNDHAM WATERHOUSE. Born 1891 in New Zealand, son of Fanny Fitzherbert née Stanford-Waterhouse, of New Zealand, and the late William Alfred Fitzherbert. Attended the Wanganui Collegiate School 1905-1907. In 1907 He left the School with his brother Harold Lancelot Fitzherbert for Marlborough College, England. Linconia is now a national park in the department of General Lavalle. Estancia Linconia, of Gibson Bros. Captain ... 07/07/1917 25 Royal Flying Corps ... ... ARRAS FLYING SERVICES MEMORIAL
FORSTER, CLAUDE HENRY. Only son of Mrs. Miriam How Mackay, died in France of fever contracted in Burundi, East Africa. His stepfather was Alexander Mackay. Mentioned on page 216 of Africa and the Americas, vol. I, edited by Richard M. Juang and Noelle Morrissette, ABC-CLIO, 2008. Estancia El Agua Blanca, Nicolás Bruzzone Lance Corporal G/12839 23/09/1917 ... Royal Fusiliers, 25th Bn. ... 7. D. 6 DAR ES SALAAM WAR CEMETERY
FROST, HAROLD SANDERS, born 19 Otober 1910 in Coventry, Warwickshire, first born child of Ann Eliza Thompson and Harold Frost, a cycle dealer's order clerk. Educated at King Henry VIII's School. Left England on Asturias 10 September 1932, travelling to Buenos Aires as farmer. Leach's Argentine Estates Ord. Seaman D/JX 194637 24/01/1941 30 HMS President III ... Panel 47, Column 1 PLYMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL
GARNETT, HAROLD GWYER. Born 19 November 1879, Aigburth, Liverpool, son of Alexander Garnett, J.P., and Gladwys Garnett, of Liverpool. Earned the Croix de Guerre (France). He was a first-class cricketer who played for Lancashire and Argentina. He was killed at Cambrai, France Hopkins and Gardom Major ... 03/12/1917 38 South Wales Borderers ... Panel 5. CAMBRAI MEMORIAL, LOUVERVAL
GIELGUD, HENRY LEX FRANCIS ADAM, born 12 February 1881 at Bedford Park, Chiswick, only son of Henry Joseph Anthony Gielgud, merchant. Educated at Aldenham, and Pembroke College, Cambridge, gaining a Classics degree in 1903. Became an accountant. Husband of Katharine Mary Alston Kilpin. London Secretary of
Leach's Argentine Estates and
Argentine Iron & Steel (Pedro Vasena e hijos) Co.
Lieut.-Col. ... 30/11/1917 37 Norfolk Regiment, 7th Bn. M.C. Panel 4. CAMBRAI MEMORIAL
GODWIN, JOHN. Born in Buenos Aires 13 December 1919, son of Eva Mary Darbyshire and Charles Algernon Godwin, manager of estancia Las Cabezas from 1914 to 1944. He served with the 14th Special Forces Commando, taken prisoner in Norway 15 May 1943 and murdered by gunshot at Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, 15 February 1945. He was posthumously mentioned in despatches. Note conflicting dates of death given by family and CWGC. ... Lieutenant ... 02/02/1945 25 Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
H.M.S. Quebec.
GOULD, LAWRENCE LILL, son of Florence Amy Ladensack and Douglass Lill Gould, of 6, Rood Lane, Fenchurch St., London. Died in Sulva Bay, Turkey. Christophersen Hnos., Buenos Aires Private 1200 21/08/1915 23 3rd County of London Yeomanry (Sharpshooters) ... II. C. 2 GREEN HILL CEMETERY
GRAINGER, JAMES FRANCIS STUART, son of William Noble Grainger and Margaret Georgina Grainger Estancia in San Rafael Captain ... 12/08/1915 30 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders), 11th Bn. attd. 1st Bn. King's Own Scottish Borderers ... Sp. Mem. C. 111. TWELVE TREE COPSE CEMETERY
GRASSICK, WILLIAM HENDERSON, born in Quilmes 9/12/1895, baptized at St. Andrew's, Buenos Aires, 24/5/1896, second son of Peter Archibald Grassick and Edith Margaret Macindoe, of La Ynes, Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic. He died of influenza at the Wimereux Hospital, Boulogne, France Estancias of Corbett 2nd Lieut. ... 09/02/1919 23 Royal Field Artillery, "A" Bty. 86th Bde. ... XIII. C. 25. TERLINCTHUN BRITISH CEMETERY, WIMILLE
Born in London 1886, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. James Gray, of 29, Polworth Gardens, Edinburgh. Volunteered from British Bank of South America at Monte Video.
British Bank of South America Private 317231 14/12/1914 29 Gordon Highlanders, 1st Bn. ... Panel 38. YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL
GRENVILLE WELLS, NIGEL, formerly of the firm of Isherwood & Williams; was born 1869, baptized 18 August 1869 in Burnham, Buckingham, youngest son of Grenville Granville Wells, and the Hon. Allada Hariot Jolliffe. Brother of Miss Benita Grenville Wells, of Stanbrook Abbey, Worcester. Left England on Elbe 3 November 1892, returned on Ionic 7 June 1915. He died in Jerusalem. Estancia El Correntino, Trenque Lauquen Lieutenant ... 09/10/1919 49 Welsh Guards ... m. 32 JERUSALEM WAR CEMETERY
GRUNDY, CECIL BOYCE, son of John Francis Edwin Grundy and Emily Brownsdon, of 25, Riggindale Rd., Streatham Park, London.
Ronald Edwin GRUNDY, like his brother Cecil, a 2nd Lieutenant in the Middlesex Regiment, was just 19 when he died on 01/07/1916. He lasted 19 days at the Front and saw just eight minutes of combat in the first day of the Battle of the Somme. Eye-witnesses said he had led his men about 900 yards across no-man's-land before being picked off by a German sniper. Buried in Ovillers Military Cemetery
Burberry's Ltd., Buenos Aires 2nd Lieut. ... 16/11/1915 21 1st Bn. Middlesex Regt. ... II. L. 3 BETHUNE TOWN CEMETERY
GUNTHER, CHARLES EMIL, born 26 July 1890, son of Malvine Karoline Leonie Korte and Charles Eugene Gunther aka Carl Eugen Günther, of 59, Princes Gate, South Kensington, London. His father was chairman of Liebig's and the Forestal companies, and director of the Anglo-South American Bank and the Buenos Ayres & Pacific Railway. His brother Norman Otto Frederick Gunther MC, also fell. Liebig's, Fray Bentos Lieutenant ... 24/09/1918 28 2nd Life Guards, attd. 2nd Bn. Guards Machine Gun Regiment ... II. E. 15. CHAPELLE BRITISH CEMETERY, HOLNON
HALL, JOHN SMITH, son of John Hall and Mary Louisa Smith, of the Manor House, Overseal, Ashby-de-la-Zouch. Engineer, Desagües de la Provincia de Buenos Aires Lieutenant ... 21/03/1918 23 Rifle Brigade, 7th Bn. ... Panel 81 to 84. POZIERES MEMORIAL
Born 1892 at Manor Park, Essex, son of Arthur and Louisa Hamilton, of 25, Wentworth Rd., Manor Park, Essex.
Anglo-South American Bank, Buenos Aires Corporal 512338 24/11/1917 25 London Regiment (London Scottish), 14th Bn. ... VIII. B. 8. GREVILLERS BRITISH CEMETERY
HAMMOND, ARCHIBALD LOVESEY, born 2 June 1887 in Watford, Hertfordshire; son of Jane Beathea Lovesey and Charlwood Hammond. Joined the service of the L&NW Rly. Coaching Department on 8 April 1907; left for Argentina 25 April 1910. Was an Entre Rios Railways clerk at Paraná until March 1913, when he joined the Bank at Paraná. Served in France. Was British Vice-Consul in Recife. Died of yellow fever. Clerk, London and River Plate Bank, Paraná 2nd Lieut. ... 22/09/1918 31 Royal Fusiliers, 24th Bn. ... ... Cemitério dos Ingleses, Recife.
HANDYSIDE, ARTHUR CRUICKSHANKS, born in Edinburgh, 3 April 1891, son of Robert Cruickshanks Handyside and Elizabeth Wighton, of 49, Nile Grove, Edinburgh. Harrod's, Buenos Aires Lieutenant ... 17/04/1918 27 South Lancashire Regiment, 1st/4th Bn. ... VIII. D. 8. LAPUGNOY MILITARY CEMETERY
Born 1888 in Hackney, son of the late Morris Hart and Mary Ann Goward, brother of Ida Marie Hart.
Estancia La Elisa, Condarco Lieutenant ... 30/06/1918 30 Army Service Corps, attd. 6th Bn. Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment) ... F. 12. HARPONVILLE COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION
HAYLES, NOEL ALFRED DOUGLAS, born at North Shore, Sydney, Australia, 15 December 1888, son of Alfred William Hayles and Maud Mary Bennett, of Armidale, Pontnewiydd, Mon., Wales. Educated at West Monmouth Grammar School, and Agricultural College at Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Farmed in Argentina for three years after 3 years in Canada. Enlisted 3/09/1914 in Sydnew, NSW after working for short period as tramway conductor.. Died of wounds on Suvla Bay, Turkey. Cordoba Land Co., Estancia Los Alfalfares, Arias Private 616 10/05/1915 ... Australian Infantry, A.I.F. 13rh Bn. ... 38 LONE PINE MEMORIAL
HENDERSON, FRANK, born in Falkland, Scotland; died of wounds in France. Anglo-South American Bank, Bahia Blanca Corporal 6371 08/10/1916 29 London Regiment (London Scottish), 2nd/14th Bn. ... I. E. 41. AUBIGNY COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION
Son of James and Mary Henderson, of The Birches, Edzell, Brechin, Forfarshire.
Estancia El Sosneado, 300,000 hectares, was purchased by Alfonso Capdeville (1854-1920), a Frenchman, 2 August 1910.
Estancia El Sosneado, department of San Rafael, Mendoza Private 40544 23/04/1917 27 Royal Scots ... III. B. 1A. VADENCOURT BRITISH CEMETERY, MAISSEMY
HENMAN, RICHARD MAX, born in Reading, second son of W. H. Henman, mayordomo of Estancia La Aurora. He was educated at Bradfield College and the Bedford Grammar School. He had served also in the South African War, War, receiving the Queen's Medal with four clasps. He was afterwards given a commission in the Berkshire Territorial Horse Artillery, which he resigned on going to Argentina. Died of pneumonia. Estancia La Aurora, El Día Major ... 03/11/1918 ... Royal Field Artillery MC 2. C. of E. 2540. READING (CAVERSHAM) CEMETERY
HENNESSY, HERBERT WILLIAM, born 1884, Parsonstown, Ireland. Son of John and Elizabeth Hennessy, of Birr, King’s County. Anglo-South American Bank, Buenos Aires Sergeant 1233 17/02/1917 32 Royal Fusiliers, 22nd Bn. MM Pier and Face 8C 9A and 16A. THIEPVAL MEMORIAL
HICKS, CHARLES ALBERT, born in Manchester, only son of William Augustus Hicks and Maria Nancy Groombridge, of Belmont, Copt Hall Lane, Chalfont St. Peter, Bucks. Estancia in Curuzú Cuatiá 2nd Lieut. ... 03/10/1918 28 Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, 6th Bn. ... IV. N. 10. BELLICOURT BRITISH CEMETERY
HOPKINS, ARTHUR MACKERN, born in Argentina 15 July 1899, baptized 9 December 1899 at Trinity, Lomas de Zamora, son of John Wells Wainwright Hopkins, M.P. and Ethelind Hopkins née MacKern (L.C.C.), of 80, Regent's Park Rd., London, N.W.I. His brother, John Wainwright Hopkins, MC, B.A. (Cambridge), barrister-at-law, was born in 1911, Captain, Royal Horse Artillery, killed in action at Acroma, Libya, on 14 June 1942, commemorated on Panel 13, Alamein Memorial. Hopkins and Gardom Lieutenant ... 18/11/1916 18 South Lancashire Regiment ... VIII. E. 10. CONNAUGHT CEMETERY, THIEPVAL
HORNER, ARCHIBALD HERBERT, born 5 March 1879, son of Edward Horner and Blanche Mary Dickinson, of Pebmarsh, Bures, Suffolk. Estancia Pulmarí was established in 1905 by John Baptist Miles family on 67,900 hectares, now largely in a national park.. Estancia Pulmarí, Neuquen Lieutenant ... 13/04/1916 37 Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment) ... I. J. 25. MENIN ROAD SOUTH MILITARY CEMETERY
HUNTER, CHARLES GARVAIN RALEIGH, was born 10 September 1893, baptized 5 November 1893 at Hunningham, Warwickshire, son of William George Hunter and Isabella Kathleen Faurer Hickey. Estancia La Ema, Villegas Lieutenant ... 24/04/1915 21 King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, 2nd Bn. ... Panel 47. YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL
IRVINE, ROBERT, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Irvine, of 5, Park Rd., Upton Park, London. C. H. Walker & Co, New Port Works, Buenos Aires Private S/9349 24/04/1916 ... 14th Bn. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders ... THIEPVAL MEMORIAL
JAMES, WALTER IBBE, Chief Accountant at San Pedro de Jujuy. Killed at Loos, France. Born 23rd February 1876 at Rock Ferry, Cheshire, son of Thomas Henry James and Eliza Robinson. Born 23 February 1876 at Rock Ferry, Cheshire, son of Thomas Henry James and Eliza Robinson. Leach's Argentine Estates, San Pedro de Jujuy, Chief Accountant Lieutenant ... Between 25/09/1915 and 27/09/1915 38 Royal Welsh Fusiliers, 3rd Bn. ... Panel 50 to 52. LOOS MEMORIAL
JENNINGS, HAROLD WILLIAM McIVOR, born 15 August 1887 in New Plymouth, New Zealand, son of Dora Mary and The Hon. William Thomas Jennings, Member of Parliament for Taumarunui, New Zealand. He was wounded but died of ulcerative endocarditis in Athlone Military Hospital. His brother Edgar McIvor Jennings was killed in Gallipoli 3 August 1915; his other brother Sergeant Alfred Jennings suffered from shell shock after 10 weeks at Gallipoli, he later received a commission with the Northumberland Fusiliers and was awarded the Military Cross in 1917. British Bank of South America, Buenos Aires 2nd Lieut. ... 28/02/1916 28 Royal Field Artillery ... G. 63. CORNAMAGH CEMETERY
JOHNSON, LESLIE NETHERCOTE, was born in 1887, in Stroud, Gloucestershire, son of the Rev. Alfred Henry Samuel Johnson and Hannah Cattell Bell, of Trusley Rectory, Etwall, Derbyshire. British Bank of South America, Buenos Aires 2nd Lieut. ... 03/06/1917 29 Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment) MC I. D. 47. FOSSE NO.10 COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION, SAINS-EN-GOHELLE
JOSCELYNE, CLEMENT PERCY, son of Fanny Sarah Crittall and Clement Joscelyne, of Bishop's Stortford, Herts. He had attended Bishop's Stortford College in Hertfordshire from 1895 to 1901. Married 1911 Rosamond E Baxter.
Clement's brother Charles was also wounded, possibly though gassing, and as a result of this was affected by ill health for the rest of his life.
Manager Waring & Gillow, Buenos Aires. 2nd Lieut. ... 10/10/1917 32 Suffolk Regt. 3rd Bn. attd. 11th Bn. ... DOZINGHEM MILITARY CEMETERY
Born 1896 in Mile End, London, son of Henry George A. Kett and Catherine Harriot Ward, of 38, Wakering Rd., Barking, Essex.
Estancia Tres Montes may have been the one of L. B. Sampson at Lecueder.
Estancia Tres Montes, Córdoba, Manager ofLance Bombardier ... 05/10/1918 22 Royal Horse Artillery, "O" Bty. ... D. 2. BERTHAUCOURT COMMUNAL CEMETERY, PONTRU
KING, WILFRED ERNEST HERTSLET, baptized 30 April 1893, Richmond, Surrey, son of Lucas Blacker Burnet and Philomene King. Educated at Malvern College. Estancia La Rosita, Cañada de Gomez Private 19158 14/07/1916 23 Leicestershire Regiment, 7th Bn. ... Pier and Face 2 C and 3 A. THIEPVAL MEMORIAL
LAIRD, WILLIAM WEIR, born in Aberdeen, son of Peter and Margaret Laird, of 10, Union St., Aberdeen. Member of St Andrew's Church, Buenos Aires. London and River Plate Bank, Buenos Aires 2nd Lieut. ... 04/11/1916 31 Gordon Highlanders, 5th Bn. ... I. A. 17. MAILLY WOOD CEMETERY, MAILLY-MAILLET
LEARED, FRANK HARVEY, born 7 November 1877, son of Mr. Richard Hughes Leared and Sarah Mary Boxwell, of Glenville, Wexford. Cordoba Land Co., Estancia Los Alfalfares, Arias Trooper 1443 09/04/1918 43 1st King Edward's Horse ... B. 5. HAVERSKERQUE BRITISH CEMETERY
LEEDS, JOHN STANLEY, born 12 August 1887 at Hadley Wood, Barnet. Eldest son of John Henry Sandford Leeds and Beatrice Maud Goddard of Pasadena, Bushey Heath, Hertfordshire. Educated at Elstree and Stanmore Park preparatory schools, Sherborne School (School House) September 1901-August 1905; King's College, London. Became a Mining Engineer. Went to Argentina 1911, returned in Sept., 1914, to rejoin Hon. Artillery Company. Went to the front (Flanders) June, 1915. Estancia San Patricio, Cuenca, Prof. of Bs. Aires 2nd Lieut. ... 19/09/1915 28 Honourable Artillery Company ... I. D. 2. BRANDHOEK MILITARY CEMETERY
LESTER, ERNEST CHARLES, son of Tom Lester and Harriet Mary Peeling, of 56, Woodgrange Avenue, North Finchley, London. Of Stoke Newington, London. Killed in the Dardanelles. London and River Plate Bank, Buenos Aires Lieutenant ... 03/07/1915 30 Border Regiment, 10th Bn. attd. 1st Bn. ... VII. D. 13. TWELVE TREE COPSE CEMETERY
LETHBRIDGE, CECIL AUGUSTUS, born 1888, husband of Nellie May Lethbridge, of 35, Dyne Rd., Brondesbury, London. Tecka Land Co., Chubut. Lieutenant ... 03/05/1917 ... Royal Fusiliers, 8th Bn. ... Bay 3. ARRAS MEMORIAL
LITSTER, HUGH SINCLAIR, born 1890, son of Capt. Thomas Litster (Highland Light Inf.) and May Ann Litster, of Heatherbrae, 26, Alum Clune Rd., Bournemouth West. Estancia of John Farquharson, Mandisovi, ER 2nd Lieut. ... 20/04/1916 26 Dorsetshire Regiment, 3rd Bn. attd. 2nd Bn. ... VI. E. 9. AMARA WAR CEMETERY
LIVINGSTONE, HAROLD GORDON, born 1881, youngest son of Henry Darley Livingstone and Mary Christina Renton, of Belclare, Westport, Ireland. Educated at Harrow. After leaving Oxford he went out to farm in British Columbia and afterwards to the Argentine. Leach's Argentine Estates 2nd Lieut. ... 05/05/1915 34 Royal Field Artillery, 64th Bty. ... VII. A. 19. DUHALLOW A.D.S. CEMETERY
LIVINGSTONE, ROBERT DUNCAN, born in Rothesay, 20 July 1887, only son of the late Duncan and Sarah Livingstone (née McFarlane). Educated at Rothesay; worked at Stewart & Lloyd, Clyde Tubeworks and for Agar, Cross & Co. in London and Buenos Aires before joining Harrod's in 1914. He had first come to Buenos Aires in 1910. Harrod's, Buenos Aires Private 61301 10/04/1918 30 Northumberland Fusiliers, 1st/5th Bn. ... Panel 2. PLOEGSTEERT MEMORIAL
LLOYD, FRANCIS CHARLES AYLMER, born 19 August 1884, eldest son of Francis Aylmer Lloyd and Eugenie Alphonsene Gaudin, widow of William Milner, came to Argentina in 1908, left in 1915. Died of wounds at Le Touquet.
His only brother, Gerald Aylmer Lloyd, born 17 April 1888, graduate of Sandhurst, gazetted 2nd Lieut. on 19 Sept. 1908, Captain in the Welsh Regiment, fell 16 February 1915.
Leach's Argentine Estates Lieutenant ... 08/10/1915 31 Highland Light Infantry, 2nd Bn. ... I.A.10. ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERY.
LOWE, W. G., son of George and Jane Lowe, of Lurgan House, Moate, Co. Westmeath. Estancia in San Luis Corporal 972 09/04/1918 31 1st King Edward's Horse ... V. A. 4. VIEILLE-CHAPELLE NEW MILITARY CEMETERY, LACOUTURE
LUCAS, JOHN, died of wounds in France. London and River Plate Bank, Buenos Aires 2nd Lieut. ... 28/12/1917 ... Royal Fusiliers, 17th Bn. ... VIII. E. 15. GREVILLERS BRITISH CEMETERY
LYLE, HEDLEY ROBERT, born at Greenock, son of Robert and Jane Hedley Scott Lyle, of Strathculm, Helensburgh. Educated at Greenock Collegiate School and Merchiston Castle School. Estancias of Corbett 2nd Lieut. ... 23/05/1916 32 Gordon Highlanders, 9th Bn. ... IV. C. 5. VERMELLES BRITISH CEMETERY
MABEN, ADAM HERBERTSON, born in Jedburgh, son of William Maben, of Bairnkine, Jedburgh, Roxburghshire. Killed at Gallipoli. Blanca Manca belonged to Walker. Estancia Blanca Manca, Piedritas. Private 1035 04/11/1915 24 Scottish Horse, "J" Sqdn. 1st ... Special Memorial F. 1. GREEN HILL CEMETERY
MACDONALD, CHARLES HODSON BARRINGTON, born in Rangoon, Burma in 1889, son of Fitz Charles David MacDonald, an East India Merchant and Mrs. Macdonald, of 7, Alexandra Rd., Harrogate, Yorks. In 1907 he came to the University of Glasgow for one year to study Medicine and took Chemistry and Anatomy. Leach's Argentine Estates 2nd Lieut. ... 25/03/1915 26 Royal Field Artillery,44th Bty. ... III. G. 7. ROYAL IRISH RIFLES GRAVEYARD, LAVENTIE
MACDONALD, JOSEPH. Died of wounds. Estancia Chiru had been purchased by Edmund Bernard Traill in 1884. Estancia Chiru, Traill, Prov. of Santa Fe. ... 4400 05/10/1915 ... 9th Lancers ... ... ...
McKEE, WILLIAM DICKSON Son of Samuel McKee, of 35, Cyprus Park, Bloomfield, Belfast.
His younger brother, Capt. James McKee, Royal irish Rifles, had two months earlier won the DSO at Messines, but lost a leg.
McEwen, Smiles & Co, Buenos Aires Lieutenant. ... 11/08/1918 37 12th Bn. Royal Irish Rifles ... YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL
Born 1888 in London, son of David Norman and Christina McNaughton, of 4, Grenville Place, Cornwall Gardens, South Kensington, London. Died in Greece.
Estancias of Collett Mason, ER 2nd Lieut. ... 24/04/1917 28 Royal Field Artillery, 100th Bde. ... E. 1115. KARASOULI MILITARY CEMETERY
Born 1890 in London, son of David Norman and Christina McNaughton, 4 Grenville Place, Cornwall Gardens, Kensington. His DH4 was shot down by Manfred von Richthofen between Keibergmelen and Lichtensteinlager.
Estancias of Collett Mason, ER Captain ... 24/06/1917 27 Royal Flying Corps, 57th Sqdn. MC ... ARRAS FLYING SERVICES MEMORIAL
MALLETT, HUBERT. Twice Mentioned in Despatches; died of pneumonia.
Son of John Mallett of The Limes, Atkin's Rd., Clapham, London, and the late Jane Charlotte Gillespie Martyn. Left Buenos Aires on declaration of War, returned to England and was gazetted to East Surrey Regiment. His brother William Victor Lancelot Mallett fell in France on 22/03/1918, age 35.
Anglo-South American Bank, Buenos Aires Captain ... 03/02/1919 35 The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment), 1st Bn. ... 8.(7). 165950. BROMPTON CEMETERY
MANNERS, JAMES HERBERT, husband of Mercedes Inostroza Railless Traction Co., Mendoza Lieutenant. ... 28/06/1917 43 Royal Engineers ... Plot B. Row officers. Grave 4 CALAIS SOUTHERN CEMETERY
MARSHALL, SIDNEY OSCAR Royal Mail Steam Packet, Buenos Aires Private. ... 01/07/1916 1st/14th Bn. London Regiment (London Scottish) ... THIEPVAL MEMORIAL
MATTEY, CHARLES PERCIVAL, born in 1887, son of Elizabeth Mattey nee Hawkins, of Penglais, Burghill, Hereford, and the late George Mattey. A Clerk in the London and River Plate Bank, Buenos Aires. Enlisting 12 April 1915, the 5 feet, 4 inches tall 27 year old was posted as Private 3348 in the Honourable Artillery Company. After training, he moved into the 1st battalion HAC and went to France on the 18th, joining the HAC in the field on the 22nd August. Private Mattey was commissioned as an officer into the 1st battalion of the Bedfordshire regiment on 30 April 1916. London and River Plate Bank, Buenos Aires 2nd Lieut. ... 22/01/1917 29 Bedfordshire Regiment, 1st Bn. ... VII. G. 13. CABARET-ROUGE BRITISH CEMETERY, SOUCHEZ
MATTHEW, FRANK HENRY. Born 1 September 1879. Elected AICE 7 March 1905, he had worked for Buenos Ayres Western, Central Uruguay and Central Argentine railways. Estancia Las Gamas was purchased by James H. Matthew in 1905. Estancia Las Gamas, Pascanas Corporal 2580 10/10/1915 ... London Regiment (London Scottish),14th Bn. ... III. K. 11. DUD CORNER CEMETERY, LOOS
MAUL, RICHARD SELBY LOWNDES, missing July 1916. Born in 1886, second son of Major Henry Compton Maul and Mary Essex Selby-Lowndes Estancia in Villa Valeria 2nd Lieut. ... 30/07/1916 30 Oxford and Bucks. Light Infantry, 2nd Bn. ... Pier and Face 10 A and 10 D. THIEPVAL MEMORIAL
Born 1893, baptized 5 August 1894 at Malinslee, Shropshire, son of Alfred Medlicott and Blanche Maud Harper.
Estancia La Rosita, Cañada de Gomez Gunner 31556 27/04/1916 22 Royal Field Artillery, "D" Bty. 77th Bde. ... Panel 3. LOOS MEMORIAL
MILES, HENRY ROBERT, son of the Rev. P. E. and Elinor Miles (née Jex Blake), of Odstock, Salisbury; husband of Letitia Mary née Miles (married 1909), of Garden House, Backwell, West Town, Somerset. Educated at Pembroke College, Cambridge; a cricketer. Estancia La Chispa, Venado Tuerto 2nd Lieut. ... 17/07/1916 48 Connaught Rangers, 6th Bn. ... I. L. 14. NOEUX-LES-MINES COMMUNAL CEMETERY
MILNE, ESMOND WILLIAM, born in Aberdeen, son of Euphemia Stewart and John Milne, LL.D., of King Edward, Aberdeenshire. Enrolled as Lieut., Royal Field Artillery Manager, Electric Light & Power Works, Tres Arroyos Captain ... 12/08/1917 32 Royal Garrison Artillery ... III. D. 5 MENDINGHEM MILITARY CEMETERY
MITCHELL, ROBERT THOMAS LAMONT, son of the late Robert and Johan Mitchell, of 29, Albert Terrace, Aberdeen; husband of Helen Clark (formerly Mitchell). A Freemason, initiated to Star of the South Lodge No. 1025, Buenos Aires.
He was captured (and possibly wounded) and he died whilst 'in German hands' until immediately after the Armistice but before repatriation, hence the grave at Leuven.
London and River Plate Bank, Buenos Aires Lieutenant ... 29/11/1918 25 Gordon Highlanders, 4th Bn. MC Near the N. West corner of the N. East part. LEUVEN COMMUNAL CEMETERY
Died at sea after M.S. Upwey Grange was sunk by U-37 while on way from Buenos Aires to London. Son of William J and Anna Monney, of 14 The Rise, Ewell, Surrey.
Engineer of Estancia Aurora of The Forestal Land, Timber and Railways Company Limited at Basail, Chaco. ... Civilian 08/08/1940 35 ... .. .. M.V. UPWEY GRANGE
MONSON, WILLIAM HERBERT, born 25 September 1877, baptized 16 December 1877, son of Herbert George Thomas and Catherine Seaton Monson, of 4, Belfast Terrace, Dublin Manager, Estancias of Duggan Captain ... 07/09/1916 38 Royal Dublin Fusiliers, 8th Bn. MC II. C. 41. LA NEUVILLE BRITISH CEMETERY, CORBIE
Son of James Monteith, M.B., C.M., and Bessie Wadham Monteith, of Field House, Dobcross, Yorks. Born 1894 at Cue, Western Australia, on the gold fields of the Murchison, his father being doctor there. Left Australia with his parents when he was about 4 years old, after the great rush to Coolgardie. Enlisted Aug., 1914, in the 9th Bn. Royal Scots. An O.T.C. Cadet of George Heriot's School (1911-1912), Edinburgh. Died of wounds.
British and Argentine Meat Company, UK Private 40323 25/04/1917 22 9th Royal Scots, tr. to Scottish Rifles (Cameronians), Trench Mortar Battery MC P. I. C. 2A. ST. SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUEN
MORGAN-OWEN, JOHN GURTH, born 2 August 1883, Bronwylfa, Rhyl, Denbighshire, Wales, 1884, son of Emma Maddox and Timothy Morgan Morgan-Owen MA, JP. Educated at Bromsgrove School, Worcester College and Oxford University. He took his BA degree in 1904 and became a teacher, firstly with his elder brother Morgan at Forest School in Essex and then at Stonehouse School, Broadstairs, before becoming master at St George's College, Quilmes, Buenos Aires, having left England aboard Highland Laddie in September 1911. At St George's Gurth taught classics, literature, French and secondary mathematics. He played cricket for the Quilmes C.C., of Buenos Aires, as well as football and hockey for local clubs. Asst. Master, st George's College, Quilmes 2nd Lieut. 09/04/1916 32 4th Bn. South Wales Borderers MC XVI. J. 12 AMARA WAR CEMETERY
MOUNTFORD, STANLEY, son of James Anthony Mugford. 'After a distinguished insurance career in South Africa (in the course of which he served throughout the South African war), he went to Buenos Aires on behalf of the Society in 1910 and successfully established there an important branch of the Society's business, which was extended to Chile with equal success in 1913 under his General Control' (board minutes for 26 April 1918) He was in England when war broke out; enrolled as trooper in Scottish Horse, August 1914, rising to Captain, and on disbandment transferred to Royal Scots. Mentioned in despatches (Gallipoli). General Manager for South America, Norwich Union Mutual Life Society, Buenos Aires Captain 24/03/1918 47 9th Bn. Royal Scots MC ... PARGNY BRITISH CEMETERY
MURCHLAND, CHARLES, son of ex-Provost Charles Murchland, of Winton, Irvine, Scotland. Estancia Los Ingleses, Gibsons' in General Lavalle Lieutenant ... 26/05/1915 32 Royal Field Artillery ... III. S. 10. WHITE HOUSE CEMETERY, ST. JEAN-LES-YPRES
MURRAY, ALEXANDER (aka ALICK), son of Donald Murray and Isabella Grant of Poles, Dornoch, Scotland. Killed by shellfire in trenches at Festubert. Estancia La Margarita of M. M. Henderson at Nicolás Bruzzone Private 535 08/06/1915 20 Seaforth Highlanders, 5th Bn. ... Panel 38 and 39. LE TOURET MEMORIAL
MURRAY, CECIL H., His aircraft spun on turn after take-off and dived in from 150 feet. Flight Commander Murray killed and Probationary Flight Officer Ernest Charles Chesterton was injured. Almost certainly an instructional flight Allardice & Dimalow, Buenos Aires Flight Commander 22/01/1918 Royal Naval Air Service ... A. 7 VENDOME TOWN CEMETERY
MURRAY, WILLIAM GRANT, born in Sutherland, son of the late Donald Murray and Isabella Grant, of the Poles, Dornoch, Sutherland. Emigrated to the Argentine Republic in 1912, left it in 1915; was killed in action at Wytshaete, Belgium. Estancia La Margarita of M. M. Henderson at Nicolás Bruzzone 2nd Lieut. ... 10/04/1918 28 Seaforth Highlanders, 7th Bn. ... Panel 132 to 135 and 162A. TYNE COT MEMORIAL
Born 1879 in Exeter, eldest son of Henry George Norrington and Harriet Edwards late of 17, New North Rd., Exeter; educated at Hele's School, Exeter.
Liebig's, Fábrica Colón Lance Corporal 15483 01/02/1917 38 Scots Guards, 2nd Bn. ... VI. E. 4. SAILLY-SAILLISEL BRITISH CEMETERY
Born in 14/02/1895 in Montevideo, son of James Attree Oldham (Western Telegraph Co.) and Jessie Martha Ritchie, of Cordon, Calle Pringles, Quilmes F.C.S, Buenos Aires. Educated at Mill Hill School, London (1911-1913).
Deloitte, Plender, Griffiths Co. Corporal 392282 10/08/1918 23 London Regiment (Queen Victoria's Rifles), 9th Bn. ... II. A. 6. BEACON CEMETERY, SAILLY-LAURETTE
OLIVER, EGBERT C., Son of Egbertha S M Norman E D Oliver (now Mrs. Wilson), of Campbell St., Fort Beaufort, South Africa. Touche, Faller & Co., Buenos Aires Lieutenant y 05/02/1917 29 Hood Bn. RN Div. , Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve ... 1201 QUEENS CEMETERY, BUCQUOY
ORR, WILSON GILMORE MOORE, born in Belgrano 9 September 1894, baptized at St Andrew's, Buenos Aires, 23 October 1894, only surviving son of William Orr, owner of estancia Santa Inés, and Agnes Brisbane Gallacher, his wife. Educated at Haileybury (1908-1912). He had qualified as an engineer (City & Guilds College) at the outbreak of the war. Was wounded while leading his platoon in the advance on Kut-el-Amara and died of wounds the following day 12th January 1917; buried at Imam-al-Mansoor.
William Orr's estancia was a part of the Loreto estate which he had inherited from his uncle William Rodger Gilmour.
Estancia Santa Inés, Venado Tuerto 2nd Lieut. ... 12/01/1917 22 Highland Light Infantry, 3rd Bn. ... XXVII. B. 5. AMARA WAR CEMETERY
OSBORNE, HENRY DOUGLAS, was born 27 July 1887, baptized 5 October 1887 at St. Stephen, Paddington, son of the grocer George Montague Osborne and Julia Maria Phipps, of Westbourne Grove, Bayswater, London. At "The Call of Duty" he travelled from Buenos Aires to volunteer for service in 1917. Deloitte, Plender, Griffiths & Co. 2nd Lieut. ... 24/02/1919 31 The Buffs (East Kent Regiment), 5th Bn. ... XIII. E. 35. TERLINCTHUN BRITISH CEMETERY, WIMILLE
PARRY, HORACE EDWIN, born 23 November 1889 in Edge Hill, Lancs., son of Isabel Emma Balls and William Edwin Parry. Procter, Garrett, Marston & Co., Rosario Private 285040 19/07/1917 29 9th Bn. Welsh Regiment ... Bay 37, stone X YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL
PESKETT, HARRY St. HILL, born 1888 in Mutford, son of the solicitor Frank Peskett and Mary Lorina Scott, of Lowestoft, Suffolk. Attended Ipswich School. Died of wounds at Vimy Ridge three days earlier. Estancia La Ventura, Pasman Captain ... 13/04/1917 29 The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, "C" Coy 10th Bn. ... III. G. 8. DUISANS BRITISH CEMETERY, ETRUN
POLLAK, HENRY LAURENCE, Son of Emma Jane and Joseph Pollak, of 21, Portman Square, Marylebone, London. Rio Segundo Brewery Lieutenant 23/10/1916 31 17th Bn. attd. 2nd Bn. Rifle Brigade ... THIEPVAL MEMORIAL
PLATT, FRANK LINDSAY, Son of Jessie Cameron Lindsay and Ernest Platt, of Varden House, Wilmslow, Cheshire. Barclay & Co., Rosario Captain 285040 21/03/1918 29 3rd Bn. attd. 1st Bn. King's Shropshire Light Infantry ... VII. H. 35 QUEANT ROAD CEMETERY, BUISSY
Born 1885 at Barton-on-Irwell, son of Henry Josiah Pollard and Ann Louisa Grimes, of 50, Whitworth Crescent, Southampton, late of 15, Grovelands Rd., Palmer's Green, London. Educated at Ackworth School. Died of wounds in Egypt.
British Bank of South America, Buenos Aires 2nd Lieut. ... 04/08/1916 31 King's Own Scottish Borderers,1st Bn. ... F. 87. KANTARA WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERY
QUIN, LESLIE WILLIAM WHITWORTH, son of Mary Charlotte Quin née Nicoll, of 41, Barkston Gardens, Kensington, London, and the barrister-at-law Richard James Quin (deceased). Educated at Temple Grove and Felsted Schools; admitted to Gray's Inn on 23 April 1910. Singer Sewing Machine Co., Buenos Aires Captain 24/04/1917 23 3rd Bn. attd. 27th (Tyneside Irish) Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers M.C. ARRAS MEMORIAL
RANSDALE, ALFRED CHARLES, born 8 January 1895, baptised 10 Dec. 1895 at St Bartholomew, Rosario, son of Severa de la Paz Brandi and Alfred Henry Ransdale, book-keeper of the Argentine Land & Colonization Company at Km 97, Western Railway of Santa Fe. Educated at St Bartholomew School, English Commercial College, Rosario, and Shoreham College, Sussex (1908-11). Returned to Rosario in 1911. Argentine conscript, 1915-6. Left for war in 1917. River Plate Trust, Loan & Agency Co., Rosario de Santa Fe 2nd Lieut. ... 01/09/1918 23 Loyal North British Lancashire Rgt. 15th Bn. ... II.G.6. HAGLE DUMP CEMETERY
RAVENSCROFT, ALAN PADDOCK, born 1892 at New Brighton, Cheshire, baptized 16 March 1892, elder son of Frederick Augustus Ravenscroft and Fanny Paddock, of Wallasey, Cheshire. He died accidentally while flying. Left Argentina in 1914 after having been 2nd mayordomo on George Corbett's estancia Santa Elena, department of Nueve de Julio, Corbett Station, Buenos Ayres Midland Railway. Estancia Santa Elena of George Corbett Lieutenant ... 16/01/1917 24 Royal Flying Corps and Royal Field Artillery ... 3 "C." Z. 16. GREENWICH CEMETERY
RICH, CHARLES BAYARD, son of Col. C C Rich, RA; husband of Audrey Marion Robertson Luxford, of 8, Empire House, Thurloe Place, South Kensington, London. Mentioned in despatches Touche, Faller & Co., Buenos Aires Major 16/08/1917 34 45th Bde. Royal Field Artillery ... TYNE COT MEMORIAL
RIDGLEY, THOMAS ANGUS, Born in Townsville, Queensland, 23 March 1884, son of Phoebe E. Gregorson, of 13, Warrender Park Crescent, Edinburgh, and the late Dr. Thomas Ridgley. Educated at Watson's College, Edinburgh. He first came to Argentina in August 1906 to manage an estancia in Entre Rios. Died of wounds in Turkey. Tecka Land Co., Chubut Sapper 4/232A 26/05/1915 31 New Zealand Engineers ... B. 3. ARI BURNU CEMETERY, ANZAC.
RING, NORMAN AUGUSTUS MANDERS, baptized 1889 at St. Helens, Hampshire, son of Augustus Richard Ring (R.N.), and Katharine Manders, of Pandora Lodge, Seaview, Isle of Wight. Came from Buenos Aires in 1915 to serve. He was wounded at Neuve Chapelle in March, 1915, and killed at Boulecourt, France. Alto Paraná Development Co. Lieutenant ... 04/05/1917 27 Royal Warwickshire Regiment, 3rd Bn. attd. 2nd Bn. ... Bay 3. ARRAS MEMORIAL
ROBINSON, HAROLD PERCIVAL, born 2 January 1893 in Argentina, baptized at St. Bartholomew, Rosario, 14 July, 1893, youngest son of Elizabeth Gibson Thompson and her husband William Robinson, former Traffic Manager, Central Argentine Railway until 1889, then manager of the Argentine Land & Investment Company at Rosario, and co-founder and Managing Director of the Rio Segundo Brewery. River Plate Trust, Loan and Agency 2nd Lieut. ... 31/07/1917 23 The King's (Liverpool Regiment), 6th Bn. ... Panel 4 and 6. YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL
ROBINSON, JOSEPH, son of Annie Anderson and Isaac Robinson, of Lambfield, Raughton Head, Dalston, Cumberland. Headmaster, Villa Urquiza Higher Grade School Lieutenant ... 11/10/1916 34 7th Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers ... B. I. 32 ST. SEVER CEMETERY, ROUEN
ROGERS, ARTHUR GERALD, born in 1886 in Frome, Somerset, son of James Henry Rogers and Emily Harriett Randall Manager, A G Pruden & Co., Buenos Aires Lieutenant ... 26/09/1916 29 12th Bn. Middlesex Regiment ... VI. C. 9 CONNAUGHT CEMETERY, THIEPVAL
ROOKE, WILLIAM ALBERT, Only son of William Henry Rooke and Melinda Alice Wallis, of Ashleigh Villa, 58, Greyhound Lane, Streatham, London Procter, Garrett, Marston & Co., Rosario 2nd. Lieut. ... 29/07/1916 25 Royal Engineers ... D. 14 MAILLY-MAILLET COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION
SASSOON, HAMO WATTS, born on 4 August 1887, son of Theresa Georgina Thornycroft and Alfred Ezra Sassoon, of Weirleigh, Matfield Green, Kent.
Educated privately then at Marlborough and Clare College, Cambridge, he was inclined to architecture but became a civil engineer. After working for Thornycrofts he joined C H Walker & Co. in Argentina building breakwaters and bridges.
Shot on 28/10/1915, he was buried at sea following amputtion on Kildonan Castle.
C. H. Walker & Co., Buenos Aires New Port Works 2nd. Lieut. ... 01/11/1915 28 Royal Engineers ... HELLES MEMORIAL
SCALLON, ERNEST WILMOT, born 1891 at Malvern, son of the late Edward Brand Scallon and Frances Bradley Bennett. Educated at Malvern College. Came from the Argentine to England and enlisted in 1914. Killed at Neuve Chappelle. Liebig's estancias, Entre Rios Private 1172 23/05/1915 24 2nd King Edward's Horse ... Panel 1. LE TOURET MEMORIAL
SCOLDING, GEORGE HENRY, son of Edward William Scolding and Alice Mary Southgate. Married Gertrude Ida Braithwaite (1885-1975) of The Old Lodge, Ashford, Middx., in 1908. Had son Cyril George Scolding (1911-2011) Since 1910 Assistant Accountant, London Office, Argentine Southern Land Company and associated companies. 2nd Lieut. ... 26/03/1918 34 Norfolk Regiment, 4th Bn. attd. 7th Bn. ... Panel 23. POZIERES MEMORIAL
SHERIDAN, HENRY HAMILTON, born 1 August 1882, son of Mrs C J Sheridan, of 61, Farquhar Rd., Upper Norwood, Surrey.
Educated at Dulwich College from 22 May 1895 to July 1900 and at RMC, Sandhurst. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1905; wnt to the USA, Mexico, and Argentina. When war broke out he was Principal Assistant in the firm of Messrs. Price Waterhouse & WB Peat in Buenos Aires. He resigned and came home in May 1916.
Price, Waterhouse & W B Peat, Buenos Aires 2nd. Lieut. ... 03/05/1917 35 1st Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers ... 17. E. 17 CANADIAN CEMETERY NO.2, NEUVILLE-ST. VAAST
SHERRIS, GUY, was born 30 July 1884, baptized 28 September 1884 at St.Mary, Lewisham, son of the bank clerk John Foster Sherris and Catherine Augusta Blight. Estancia in Entre Rios Private 1279 23/05/1915 30 2nd King Edward's Horse ... Panel 1. LE TOURET MEMORIAL
SMITH, S. J. H. Was killed in Macedonia. British Bank of South America, Buenos Aires 2nd Lieut. ... 10/02/1917 ... Devonshire Regiment, 10th Bn. ... ... DOIRAN MEMORIAL
SPENCER. JAMES S Farran & Zimmermann, Buenos Aires 2nd. Lieut. ... 02/09/1916 26th Bde. Royal Field Artillery ... II. L. 7 DANTZIG ALLEY BRITISH CEMETERY, MAMETZ
Born 1890 in West Ham, son of Charles Stevens and Florence Louisa Pringle, of 62, Kingswood Rd., Goodmayes, Essex. Returned from Argentina, Nov., 1914, to re-enlist in his old regiment. Was killed in action on Hill 60.
Anglo-South American Bank, Mendoza Rifleman 3882 20/04/1915 24 London Regiment (Queen Victoria's Rifles), "B" Coy. 1st/9th Bn. ... Panel 54. YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL
STOWER, JOHN GIFFORD, born 15 September 1916 in San Pedro de Jujuy, son of Herbert Gifford Stower and Euphemia Moffat, educated in Worthing, then at Sedbergh, Cumbria and lastly at Brighton College, Brighton, Sussex, was amongst the 76 who made the Great Escape from Stalag Luft III, March 24-25, 1944, and was one of the 50 escapees executed on March 31st. On a previous escape, his second, John made it into Switzerland, was recaptured after unknowingly re-entering Germany and sent back to Stalag Luft III. Leach's Argentine Estates Flying Officer 107520 31/03/1944 27 RAF 142 Sqn. ... Coll. grave 9 A POZNAN OLD GARRISON CEMETERY
STRUTHERS, KENNETH, born 1887, eldest son of George Struthers and Mary Denning Duncan of Igguldene by Sandwich, husband of Annie Elise Struthers and member of St Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Buenos Aires. His son Ian Dixon Struthers was born 20/4/1915, baptised in Córdoba 13/5/1915. London and River Plate Bank, Córdoba 2nd Lieut. ... 07/10/1916 29 London Regiment (London Scottish), 14th Bn. ... Pier and Face 9 C and 13 C. THIEPVAL MEMORIAL
TALBOT, RICHARD HEWITT, Awarded the MC in 1917. Died a few days after returning to Buenos Aires. Mentioned on page 216 of Africa and the Americas, vol. I, edited by Richard M. Juang and Noelle Morrissette, ABC-CLIO, 2008. Estancias of Drabble Lieutenant ... 17/10/1919 36 Inniskilling Dragoons, attd. King's East African Rifles MC ... ...
TETLEY, ARTHUR STANLEY. Twice Mentioned in Despatches; Croix de Guerre with Palm (France). born in 1880 at Milton, Oxfordshire, son of Capt. Arthur Joshua Tetley and Isabella Sarah Alfree, of Iford House, St. Michael's Rd., Bedford. Died in the Battle of the Ancre. Estancia La 76, Venado Tuerto Lieut.-Colonel ... 15/11/1916 36 Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, Drake Bn. R.N. Div. ... I. C. 37. VARENNES MILITARY CEMETERY
THOMPSON, ARTHUR HERBERT, son of Arthur William Thompson and Emily Adeline Potter, of Edgington, Mount Harry Rd., Sevenoaks, Kent. His brother Sidney Ernest Thompson Private, Service No. 350893, London Regiment, was killed at the age of 21 on 25 September 1915. Panel 130 to 135. Loos Memorial. British Bank of South America, Buenos Aires Captain ... 25/09/1916 26 King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, 12th Bn. attd. 10th Bn. ... Pier and Face 11 C and 12 A. THIEPVAL MEMORIAL
THOMSON, ALEXANDER G., had served in the South African War, was in England at the outbreak of World War II, was killed in action at Le Bassée, France. Forestal Land, Timber & Railways Co., San Cristóbal. Squadron Serjeant Major 311 20/06/1915 ... 2nd King Edward's Horse ... IV. C. 98. BETHUNE TOWN CEMETERY
TISDALL, MICHAEL HENRY, born 1888, eldest son of the Rev. Alfred Oliver Tisdall and Evelyn Susan Empson. His father was Vicar of St Saviour's, Belgrano, Buenos Aires, from 1896 to 1914. Killed while flying at Quetta, buried in Quetta Govt. Cemetery 2272. River Plate Trust, Loan and Agency Lieutenant ... 23/12/1919 31 Royal Air Force, 48th Sqdn. ... Face 23. DELHI MEMORIAL (INDIA GATE)
TRAILL, ANTHONY, born 01/07/1890, 2nd son of Edmund Bernard Traill and Gertrude Ann Dickinson, of Fir Grove, Ottery St. Mary, Devon. His younger brother, Dr Ralph Robert Traill, also attended Charterhouse (1907-11) and served as a Captain in the R.A.M.C.; he survived, became a GP and died in 1967.
After education at Charterhouse (1904-8), he read medicine at New College, Oxford, and obtained his medical degree at Guy's Hospital in 1915. He then worked as an Assistant house surgeon, and went on to train recruits at R.A.M.C. depots at Aldershot and Blackpool. He received his commission in February 1916 and went out to France soon afterwards. He died at the Front from recurrent haemorrhages due to a duodenal ulcer suffered while at Oxford.
Estancia Chiru, Traill, Santa Fe Captain ... 25/08/1917 27 Royal Army Medical Corps, attd. 2nd/4th Bn. West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own) ... VII. B. 10. GREVILLERS BRITISH CEMETERY
TROTTER, RONALD HERBERT GILLETT, born in Southampton 30 August 1885, son of Canon Henry Eden Trotter and Mary Hodgson Gillet. Enrolled August 1914 while in England on leave from his position as mayordomo of an estancia in Entre Ríos. Estancia in Entre Rios Lieutenant ... 25/09/1915 30 Royal Berkshire Regiment, 3rd Bn. ... Panel 7 and 8. PLOEGSTEERT MEMORIAL
TURNER, ARTHUR, son of Edmund Turner and Amelia Jane Smith, of 20, Troutbeck Rd., New Cross, London. London and River Plate Bank, Buenos Aires Lieutenant ... 26/06/1917 ... Durham Light Infantry ... II. E. 14. MAROC BRITISH CEMETERY, GRENAY
VAN WELY, THOMAS JOHN, born 1891 in Swansea, son of Johannes Maria Cornelis Van Wely and Catherine Jane Moran; husband of Mary Ellen van Wely née Mayo, of 110, North Rd., St Andrew's, Bristol. He had a son born in Bristol: Cornelius Arthur van Wely (1914-1993) C H Walker & Co., New Port Works Buenos Aires Private S/18803 05/05/1916 24 7th Bn. Cameron Highlanders LOOS MEMORIAL
WADDLE, CHARLES PETER, son of James and Janet McLaren Waddle, of Govan, Glasgow. Prince Line of Steamers, Buenos Aires Private S/5134 25/09/1915 38 8th Bn. Seaforth Highlanders IV. A. 8 DUD CORNER CEMETERY, LOOS
WALKER, ALFRED (aka ERIC) ENGLISH, born 5 November, 1891, son of John George Walker and Alice Catty; educated at Bedford School (1906-1910); killed in France (Somme). Estancia La Mancha, Colina, of John George Walker (aka Facón Chico) Lieutenant ... 22/08/1916 24 Royal Fusiliers, 20th Bn. ... A.24 THISTLE DUMP CEMETERY, HIGH WOOD, LONGUEVAL
WALKER, HAROLD SAXON. Born in Wandsworth, London, 14 February 1881, son of John George Walker and Alice Catty. Educated at Heidelberg, Germany. Constructing Engineer of Smithfield and Argentine Meat Co. Mentioned in despatches. While his company took Jury Farm he was hit by machine gun fire and died four days later at the Casualty Clearing Station in Dozinghem. Frigorifico Anglo, Zárate Captain ... 12/09/1917 36 London Regiment (Queen Victoria's Rifles), 2nd/9th Bn. ... VII. A. 9. DOZINGHEM MILITARY CEMETERY
WALKER, JOHN CROXTON, born 1890 in Newton Pagnell, youngest son of James Croxton Walker, of The Holt, Aspley Guise, and formerly of Newport Pagnell. After an education at Bedford Modern School, he spent several years with a Stock Exchange firm in London. He then joined the London and River Plate Bank and, being granted leave in September, 1915, left Buenos Aires at once. Commissioned in the Cambridgeshire Regiment, he had been at the front for only five weeks when he was killed by a shell. London and River Plate Bank, Buenos Aires 2nd Lieut. ... 03/09/1916 26 Cambridgeshire Regiment, 1st Bn. . ... A. 17. KNIGHTSBRIDGE CEMETERY, MESNIL-MARTINSART
WALLACE, ALEXANDER BRUCE. Born 17 November 1884 in Rosario de Santa Fe, son of the Buenos Ayres & Rosario Railway fireman Alexander Bruce Wallace and Lilian Toy. Left Argentina 02/04/1917. Invalided November 1918; died in Buenos Aires.
His brother Alexander Bruce Wallace died of smallpox in Rosario on 5 June 1887, age 2½.
C. H. Walker & Co., Buenos Aires New Port Works. ... 377710 09/01/1920 35 Royal Army Service Corps ...
WALLER, REGINALD W J and J Drysdale & Co., Buenos Aires New Port Works. Died 1915 in hospital. Had served in the South African War. Lieutenant 09/01/1920 Lancashire Fusiliers ... ... ...
WALROND, FRANCIS HILLIER, born 13 August 1882 in Putney, son of Robert Walrond and Clara Ewen, of Glencoe, Walpole Rd., Brighton. Educated at Merchant Taylor's School, 1895-98 Estancia La Amarilla, La Penca, Prov. of Córdoba 2nd Lieut. 15/08/1916 34 5th Bn. Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry ... PM 48 BRIGHTON (LEWES ROAD) BOROUGH CEMETERY
WALSH, ALAN McPHERSON, born 1888 in Dundee, Scotland, son of the late William Walsh and Mrs. Jean Walsh, of 51, Maberley Rd., Upper Norwood, London. Cleveland Bridge & Engineering Co., Buenos Aires Lance Corporal 20383 24/04/1916 28 12th Bn. Middlesex Regiment ... A. 21 CHIPILLY COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION
WALSH, EDWARD Compañía Pescadora, Buenos Aires Private 8979 18/09/1916 2nd Bn. Hampshire Regiment ... IV. F. 11 VLAMERTINGHE MILITARY CEMETERY
WANER, GERARD FRANCIS RICHARD ALKAINE, born in Flores, 13 January 1894, baptized at St. John's, Buenos Aires, 9 October 1894, son of William Gerard Waner and Frances Clotilde née Alkaine, of Buenos Aires; husband of Helena Agnes Waner (née Pickett), of 15, Bromar Rd., Denmark Park, London. His German father died of pneumonia, age 41, on 27 November 1897, at Amenabar 2060, Belgrano. Agar, Cross and Co. Lieutenant ... 02/03/1917 23 Royal Flying Corps, 25th Sqdn. ... II.G.10 LAPUGNOY MILITARY CMETERY.
WARBURTON, STOVIN. Died in hospital of trench fever. Son of Richard Stovin Warburton and Emma Leeson. Stovin's father had been H.M. Consul for the Department of Loire, France. Galena Signal Oil Co., Buenos Aires Sergeant-Major 133158 ??/08/1918 43 Royal Engineers ... ... ...
WATSON, S. J., Son of Andrew Watson, of 253, Malpas Rd., Brockley, London. British Bank of South America, Buenos Aires Lieutenant ... 28/11/1915 25 Royal Scots Fusiliers, 2nd Bn. ... II. L. 4. BETHUNE TOWN CEMETERY
WATTS, HENRY ROWLAND, baptized 20 April 1884, in Wimbledon, Surrey, son of Henry Watts and Ellen Rowlands, of Trenel, Lemsford Rd., St. Albans. His father had a long association with John Fair and his family and friends, working as secretary to the Espartillar Estancia Co., Las Cabezas Estancia Co., Associated Estancias Co., Pampa Estancia Co., and the South American Land Co. owner of estancia Trenel in the Pampa Central. Estancia Sarmiento, Corbett's at Villa Valeria, Córdoba 2nd Lieut. ... 07/06/1917 33 East Yorkshire Regiment, 6th Bn. ... I. F. 1. LA CLYTTE MILITARY CEMETERY
WEBB, EDMUND MELVILLE. Born at Tenby, 17/08/1878, son of Augustus Henry Webb and Frances Capel Curtis.
Educated at Cheltenham College, he went to Siam, where he was in business for some years, and afterwards sailed to South America, but returned home to join the Army in October 1914. He received a slight wound during the capture of Hill 60 and was dangerously wounded in the Yser Canal fight on 24 April 1915, and from these injuries he died a week later.
Port Madryn Co.
Local managing director.
Lieutenant ... 01/05/1915 36 North Staffordshire Regiment, 4th Bn ... II. B. 29. BOULOGNE EASTERN CEMETERY
WHITAKER, ARTHUR CECIL, grandson of Charles Darbyshire, grandson of Charles Darbyshire,, born 1887 in Aylsham, Norfolkshire, son of the Rev. Charles Probart Whitaker and Florence Whitaker, of Broadclyst, Exeter. Engineer, Buxton, Oldith & Co., Buenos Aires Captain ... 01/01/1916 29 11th Bn. West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own) ... I. E. 10 RATION FARM MILITARY CEMETERY, LA CHAPELLE-D'ARMENTIERES
Son of Nicholas and Patty Whitworth, of Drogheda, Co. Louth. Died of influenza at South African (No. 1) Hospital, while on voyage on leave.
Estancia Salale, Ameghino (ex-Halsey), of John Nelson. Private 44495 26/10/1918 34 Royal Army Medical Corps, attd. Director of Medical Services, Lines of Communication ... IV. J. 11. ABBEVILLE COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION
WHITWORTH, WALTER HAWORTH, owner of La Lornita by Berutti, Buenos Aires. Son of John Whitworth and Marian Haworth, of Kansas, USA, and Bowdon, Cheshire. Married 20/12/1910 Constance Eliza Whitworth (daughter of Nicholas Whitworth) at St Saviour, Belgrano. His son, John Nicolas Haworth Whitworth, was born at the estancia on 10/01/1912. W H Whitworth died of wounds at Marcoing, France. Estancia La Lornita, Berutti 2nd Lieut. ... 14/09/1918 36 Lancashire Fusiliers, 7th Bn. ... X. C. 2. HEATH CEMETERY, HARBONNIERES
WHYTE, GEORGE HENRY, born in Temperley 19 December 1891, baptized at St Andrew's, Buenos Aires, 5 January 1892, son of the plumber George Whyte and Sarah Amelia Bailey, of Calle Florida 264 (between Llavallol and Burzaco), Buenos Aires. London and River Plate Bank, Buenos Aires 2nd Lieut. ... 04/12/1917 26 Royal Flying Corps, 49th Sqdn. and General List ... XI. B. 11. WARLINCOURT HALTE BRITISH CEMETERY, SAULTY
WILLIS, JOHN, died of frostbite in the Dardanelles. Born 24 March 1886 in Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia, son of Gerturde Marian McPhillamy. Rio Negro Land Co., Maquinchao Private G/13585 13/12/1915 29 Royal Fusiliers, 2d Bn. ... III. A. 267. PORTIANOS MILITARY CEMETERY
Born 1886 in Harrogate, baptised 14/06/1886 at St. Nathaniel's, Windsor, Lancs., son of William Murray Wilson and Elizabeth Kello Wilson, of 29, South Drive, Harrogate. Enlisted Aug., 1914, in 5th Bn. West Yorkshire Regt.
Estancia Bella Vista, Laguna Oscura Rifleman 200348 16/04/1918 32 West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own), 1st/7th Bn. ... Panel 42 to 47 and 162. TYNE COT MEMORIAL
Mentioned in Despatches; killed by a shell near Morchie, France. Educated at Merchant Taylor's school. Born 07/05/1888 in Hampstead, London, son of Elizabeth Galvin and Jacob Rudolf Wolff (11/02/1841-14/10/1901). His father was a metal merchant born in Königsberg, East Prussia, naturalised British in 1873.
  Major 21/03/1918 29 Royal Welsh Fusiliers, 3rd Bn. attd. Machine Gun Corps ... II. C. 3. RED CROSS CORNER CEMETERY, BEUGNY
WOOD, ERNEST E Houlder Bros. & Co., Buenos Aires Private 3324 01/07/1916 ... 1st/2nd Bn. London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers) ... THIEPVAL MEMORIAL
WOOD, JOHN (JACK), born at Maidenhead; in England at the outbreak of war, enrolled August 1914; killed by explosion on Hill 370. Estancias Chucul and Rio IV of A. F. Malet Corporal ... ??/??/1918 ... Berkshire Yeomanry ... ... ...
WRINCH, HARRY DURRILL, Son of Henry Cordy Wrinch and Janet Edgar, of Dingley Dell, Felixstowe (late of Bexhill). Houlder Bros. & Co., Buenos Aires Lieutenant ... 20/08/1916 25 "B" Bty. 115th Bde. Royal Field Artillery ... A. 77 KARASOULI MILITARY CEMETERY
WYLLIE, WILLIAM W., native of Elmbank, Dumfries; killed in action at Salonika, Greece. Estancia Pareda, Mari Lauquen Lieutenant ... 10/04/1917 ... Lanarkshire Yeomanry, attd. 11th Bn. Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) ... B. 357. KARASOULI MILITARY CEMETERY
YATES, JAMES LAMBERT GRANT, born 1882 in Wandsworth, London; died of wounds. Estancias of Macdonald Private 47115 22/02/1919 ... Machine Gun Corps (Cavalry), "C" Sqdn. 6th Coy. ... LXXII. C. 26. ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERY
Sources: Arthur L Holder, editor and compiler, Activities of the British Community in Argentina during the Great War 1914-1918, The Buenos Aires Herald, 1920, pages 29-56.
Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Jeremy Howat, British Settlers in Argentina--studies in 19th and 20th century emigration.
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