SECOND WORLD WAR, 1939 - 1945.

By Decrees issued in April and November of 1945, the Argentine Government declared that the volunteers who fought with the Allies had served an Argentine cause and therefore had complied with their military service obligations and retained all Argentine citizenship rights; moreover, those returning as invalids and the widows of the fallen were granted a pension of $100 per month.
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Members of the Staff of the Buenos Ayres Great Southern,
Buenos Ayres Western, and Buenos Ayres Midland Railways.

160 who Volunteered for Active Service in World War II, of which 16 made the Supreme Sacrifice.
More information on the fallen is in a Casualties file.
Name Railway Department Position Rank in 1945
ANDREWS, Albert Commercial Outdoor Assistant Squadron Officer, RAFVR
ANGEL, Philip Edwin Heale Stores Clerk Major, East Surrey
ANKER, Robert Operating Clerk Aircraftman 2nd Class
BAEZ, Miss Marjorie Octobia Accounting Typist Private, Auxiliary Territorial Force
BALL, Arthur James Mechanical, BAGSR Assistant Chief Workshops Lieut.-Colonel, IEME
BARNFATHER, Douglas Allen Mechanical Apprentice Sergeant, RAFVR killed 28/07/1943
BAXENDALE, Albert Michael Accounting Clerk Aircraftman 1st Class
BAYNES, Frank Eric Management Clerk Flying Officer (Pilot)
BEEDIE, David Commercial Assistant Sectional Superintendent Lieutenant, RE
BILLINGS, Miss Dorothy Lily Accounting Typist Private, Auxiliary Territorial Force
BONHAM, Miss Florence Accounting Clerk Aircraftman 2nd Class
BONNER, George Arnold Commercial Assistant in Catering Section Pilot Officer (Pilot), killed 14/07/1942
BOWERS, Arthur Houlbrooke Operating Assistant Supt. Locomotives Captain, RE
BRADBURY, Frederick Shaw Ways and Works Engineering Pupil Pilot Officer (Pilot), killed 21/06/1944
BRIDGER, David Bruce Ways and Works Engineering Pupil Pilot Officer (Pilot), killed 23/08/1942
BRIDGER, John Harold Stirling
Born 17/10/1919 in Gloucester, England, Son of Phyllis Gertrude Austin and Harold Bridger, of Estancia Los Merinos, Uruguay, and Las Cortaderas in Argentina. Married Ruth Anne Plant 17/01/1945 in St Margarets Church, Wellow, Hampshire. He died 7/01/1982 in Clinica Marley, Bogotá, Colombia. His father had served with the Royal Flying Corps in World War I.
Ways and Works Assistant Engineer Captain, RE
BROWN, Norman Edward Operating Learner Captain, Royal Warwicks
BURTON, Stanley Witterick George
Born about 1916. Returned to Buenos Aires on Tamaroa, 21/08/1946, with Edith Beryl.
Accounting Clerk Flying Officer (Pilot)
CAMERON, Colin Stuart Mechanical Technical Assistant 2nd. Lieutenant, RAC
CAMPBELL, John Patrick Operating Learner Lieutenant, RAC
CAMPBELL, Miss Mary Margaret Commercial Typist WRNS (USA)
CHEER, Samuel Benjamin Argentine Fruit Distributors Acting Accountant 2nd Lieutenant, RASC
CLARK, G. C. C. Ways and Works Assistant to Chief Draughtsman Lieutenant
COGGAN, Stanley Rowland Mechanical Apprentice Flying Officer (Pilot)
COHEN, Luis Mechanical, BAWR Apprentice Sub-Lieutenant, Royal Canadian Navy
COMBES, John Ways and Works Assistant Engineer Lieutenant, Royal Canadian Engineers
COOKE, J. Mechanical Clerk Captain
COOPER, Mrs. Isabel Margaret Commercial Typist Private, Auxiliary Territorial Force
CORDERY, Godfrey Rodwell Ways and Works Engineering Pupil Private, RAC
COX, Norman George Accounting Comptroller Captain, RE
CRAIG, David Hugh Neale Mechanical Apprentice Aircraftman 2nd Class, RAF
CRAPPER, Victor Mechanical Junior Engineer Machine Room Fitter, RNVR
CRIBBES, George Deryk H. Ways and Works Engineering Pupil Pilot Officer (Pilot), killed 23/02/1945
CRIBBES, Mrs. Sylvia Mary née Moverley Accounting Typist Flying Officer (Pilot)
CROFTS, Robert Accounting Clerk Aircraftman 1st Class
CRUICKSHANKS, Robert Commercial Chief Clerk Sapper, RE
CULLEN, Maxwell Operating Clerk Sapper (discharged), RE
CUMMING, Charles Garton Ways and Works Assistant Engineer Lieutenant, RE
DAVIES, Colin Cameron Ways and Works Engineering Pupil Flying Officer (Pilot)
DAWSON, O. E. Ways and Works Clerk Private
DEWAR, Ian Wright Accounting Clerk Corporal, Cavalry
DOCHERTY, Thomas Finnie Operating Assistant Sectional Superintendent Sapper, RE
DOWNIE, George Brockie Accounting Clerk Corporal, RAFVR
DRABBLE, Charles Noel Commercial Chief Clerk Pilot Officer, killed 08/09/1945
DRUMMOND-HAY, Peter Operating Assistant Sectional Superintendent Lieutenant, RE
DUDBRIDGE, William Arthur Operating Chief Clerk Lieutenant, RE
DUNCAN, Ronald Andrew Electrical Electrical Engineer Navy Lieutenant, RNVR (King George Medal)
EASTWOOD, Alan Ways and Works Engineering Pupil Private, RAC
EDWARDS, George Arthur Operating Assistant Sectional Superintendent Lieutenant, RE
ELDRID, Arthur Leslie Commercial Learner 2nd Lieutenant, RE
ELDRID, Mrs. Lilian Florence Commercial Typist Private, Auxiliary Territorial Force
EVERATT, Ray Henry Lionel Accounting Clerk Lieutenant, RA
EVANS, Thomas Morgan Ways and Works Engineering Pupil Lieutenant, RE
FAIRBAIRN, William Arthur Mechanical Apprentice Private
FAITHFULL, Francis Edward Noel Accounting Section Chief Captain, Indian Army
FASE, Miss Doris Nellie Electrical Typist Aircraftman 2nd Class, WAAF
FERNIE, Thomas Edward Stores Resident Inspector Sub-Lieutenant, RNVR, lost at sea, 23/10/1943
FREND, John Whitley Mechanical Apprentice Aircraftman 1st Class
GARNETT-CLARKE, Peter Geoffrey Mechanical Apprentice Lieutenant, RE
GAY, Harry Ways and Works Assistant to Chief Draughtsman 2nd Lieutenant, RE
GOWAR, Rayden Richard Accounting Section Chief Captain, RAPC
GREEN, Geoffrey Frederick Charles Commercial Assistant Sectional Superintendent 2nd Lieutenant, RE
HARDING, Frank Operating Learner Flight Officer
HARRISON, William Frederick Accounting Comptroller Seaman, RNVR
HENDERSON, Andrew Brodie
Nephew of Lord Faringdon. Born 30/11/1913; died 30/12/1991.
also Consultant & Partner
Junior Engineer
Livesey & Henderson
Officer Commanding the Southern Division No 1 Railway Home Group, Royal Engineers.
HENMAN, M. Commercial Clerk Lieutenant
HICKS, J. E. Mechanical Apprentice Flying Officer (Pilot)
HOLMES-BROWN, Edward Herbert
Born in Villa Ballester 20/06/1916, son of Edgar Guy Holmes-Brown & Alice Gertrude Thompson Boero. Married Edith Lia Martin Miller in Bahia Blanca 5/8/1939. Died in East Albury, New South Wales, 30/11/2000.
Operating Junior Engineer Major, Indian Army
HOPE, Cyril Edward Stores Clerk Pilot Officer
HOPWOOD, Henry Cecil Accounting Clerk Pilot Officer
HUDSON, John Bentley Ways and Works Engineering Pupil Seaman, RNVR, (discharged)
HULME, L. Mechanical Apprentice ...
HUNTER, Clifford Fred Ways and Works Welding Inspector Aircraftman 2nd Class
HUTTON, John Scott Ways and Works Assistant Engineer Flying Officer (Air Bomber), killed 30/12/1942
IRVINE, Winton Gilbert Ford Operating Chief Clerk Lieutenant, 6/2 Punjab Regt.
JACKSON, Horace Operating Relieving Clerk Corporal, RE
JORDAN, Neville Thomas Ways and Works Clerk Cadet, RAFVR
KNIGHT, Trevor G. Operating, BAWR Assistant Supt Locomotives. Lieutenant, Indian Ordnance Corps
KOHRING, Alfred William
Born 1907 in London, son of Alfred William Köhring & Lilian Annie Thompson. Died 1972 in Argentina. His half-German father worked on the BAPR and BAGSR and served with Royal Engineers in WWI
Operating Clerk Seaman, RNVR
LARGE, Arthur Edward Management Clerk Lieutenant, RAC
LAWRIE, Ian Cecil Dick Management Clerk Lance-Corporal, Royal Scots
LEESON, Angus Stuart D. Mechanical Engineering Pupil Officer Cadet, RAC
LETT, Charles Thomas Argentine Fruit Distributors Warehouseman Flying Officer (Pilot)
LITTLE, Cornelius Joseph Patrick;
born 4 March 1908 in Bengal, India, son of Ignatius Mary Little and Eveleene Mary Peart; died 27 March 1991 in Bryanston, Johannesburg, South Africa..
Ways and Works District Engineer Captain, RE
Rose to Commander, born 1917, died 1994 in Montevideo. Author of "Britons at Maldonado", published 1975.
Operating Junior Engineer Staff Lieutenant
LYON, Thomas Davidson
Died in Argentina 1969
Ways and Works Assistant Engineer 2nd Lieutenant, RE
LYONS, John Charles Theodore
born 11 September 1912, son of Robert Ernest Brabazon Lyons, AMIMechE, & Ruth Rushton. Died in 2004. His father was Chief Engineer, Liebig's Co., Colón.
Operating Assistant Sectional Superintendent Major, 2nd Ghurka Rifles
MACANDREW, John Angus Accounting Section Chief Lieutenant, RNVR
MACINTYRE, Alastair Duncan Accounting Comptroller Lieutenant, RNVR
MACINTYRE, Miss Felicity Merle Accounting Typist Auxiliary Naval Force
MACKERN, John Stuart Mechanical Mechanic Sergeant, Kenya Mechanical Transport
MACKINTOSH, Alasdair A. G. Ways and Works Assistant Engineer Captain, Indian Engineers
MACQUEEN, Ian Andrew James Operating Learner Pilot Officer, killed 05/08/1942
MARTIN, Denys Philip Operating Learner Sergeant (Air Gunner), killed 24.08.1943
MASTERS, George Rock Electrical Apprentice Sub-Lieutenant, RNVR
MAWSON, G. P. Midland Railway Apprentice Machine Room Fitter
MAWSON, Gibson William John Operating Assistant Sectional Superintendent Flying Officer (Pilot)
MCCLELLAN, Kenneth George Mechanical Apprentice Aircraftman 2nd Class
MILLER, Gilbert Frederick Operating Learner Lieutenant, RE
MILLS, Miss Mary Grace Ways and Works Typist WRNS (USA)
MILNE, John Edward Argentine Fruit Distributors Inspector of Export Fruits Sub-Lieutenant, RNVR
MITCHELL, David Edward Rowe Ways and Works Assistant District Engineer 2nd Lieutenant, RE
MITCHELL, Walter Joseph Midland Railway Clerk Aircraftman First Class, killed 05/07/1941
MORRIS, Desmond Edward Operating Learner Flying Officer, killed 04/12/1943
MORTIMER, Nelson Howard Operating Clerk Corporal, RE
MOVERLEY, Ernest Operating Learner Sergeant, Intelligence Corps
MURRAY, Miss Audrey Thelma Russell Argentine Fruit Distributors Typist Flying Officer (Pilot)
MURRAY, Walter Eugene Patrick Argentine Fruit Distributors Clerk Lieutenant, RA
O'DWYER, Harold Johnstone Hill Accounting Clerk 2nd Lieutenant, Black Watch
O'CONNOR, Laurence Argentine Fruit Distributors Accountant Staff Lieutenant, Royal Indian Navy
OLDITCH, Charles Robert Mechanical Engineer Trooper, RAC killed 01/10/1942
OLIVER, John Joseph Accounting Clerk 2nd Lieutenant, Irish Rifles
OWEN, George Electrical Apprentice Air Force Mechanic, RAFVR
PATERSON, George Alexander Accounting Section Chief Private, Gordon Highlanders
PELLENS, Geoffrey Eugene Martin Accounting Clerk 2nd Lieutenant, RAC, killed 09/02/1945
PENNEFATHER, Percy William Mechanical Draughtsman Lieutenant, RE
PILLING, James Walter Ways and Works Engineering Pupil Flight Sergeant, killed 10/09/1942
PINTO, Frederick David John. OBE (1979) Electrical Apprentice 2nd Lieutenant, RAC
PRESCOTT, Richard Stanley Commercial Commercial Agent Captain, Royal Dragoons
RATCLIFFE, Samuel Edgar Operating Assistant Sectional Superintendent Lieutenant, RE
RENDLE, Patrick Russell Ways and Works Assistant Telegrapher Flight Lieutenant
REYNOLDS, Colin Leetham
Son of Leetham Reynolds & Ellen Winifred Burns. Married Christine Mary Tabossi. Died 27/3/2012 in Taunton, Somerset. His father was chief Engineer, BAPR
Mechanical Apprentice Pilot Officer
RICHARDS, D. Mechanical Apprentice ...
ROBERTSON, William Ways and Works Assistant to Chief Draughtsman Sergeant, RAFVR
RODGERS, Reynold Dennis Ways and Works Clerk Seaman, RNVR
ROSS, Douglas Henry Mechanical, BAGSR Engineer Draughtsman, National Service
ROUSSILLION, George Victor Electrical Apprentice Aircraftman 1st Class
RUSSELL, James Knox Accounting Section Chief Corporal, Intelligence Corps
SANDERS, Charles Robert Ways and Works Assistant Engineer Flight Lieutenant (Pilot), killed 13/09/1943
SANDFORD, Douglas Vavasour
Director of Cia. Nobleza de Tabacos, SAICF. Died in Argentina 30/03/1996.
Mechanical Apprentice Craftsman, Royal Electr. & Mech. Engineers
SANDYS, John Frederick Kelly Commercial Assistant Sectional Superintendent Flying Officer, killed 12/03/1942
SAWER, Peter Stewart Ways and Works Assistant to Chief Draughtsman Lieutenant, RE
SEARLE, Leslie Francis Stiles Ways and Works Assistant to Chief Draughtsman Pilot Officer, RAFVR
SIMPSON, Joseph Carrington Ways and Works District Engineer Captain, RE (discharged)
SKELLORN, Robert Harry Mechanical Apprentice Sapper, RE
SMART, Miss R. Lettie Accounting Accounting Machine Operator Nurse
SMETHURST, Gerald Russell Accounting Section Chief Captain, 16/5 Lancers
SMITH, Patrick Accounting Apprentice Aircraftman 1st Class
STEVENS, John Management Assistant Laboratory Supt. Lieutenant, RNVR
STEVENSON, Gordon Ways and Works Junior Engineer 2nd Lieutenant, RE
STEWART, George Alec Douglas Operating Adjuster Sapper, RE
STEWART, James Thomas Management (FCS) Learner Captain, RE
STUART, Robert Livingstone
born 30/12/1908 in Villa Devoto, son of Robin Stuart & Kathleen Mabel Glover. Married Elizabeth Musson; died in Argentina 6 June 1986
Operating Assistant Sectional Superintendent Lieutenant, Scots Guards
STUTTER, William Gaskoin Operating Assistant Sectional Superintendent Major, RE
THOMPSON, Gordon Atherden Mechanical Apprentice Aircraftman 2nd Class
THOMSON, John Colin Operating Learner Driver, RASC
THORPE, F. Electrical Apprentice ...
Born 13/02/1915 son of Robert James Thurburn and Anastasia Gould, grandson of Robert Augustus Turburn and Robert Gould.
Operating Assistant Sectional Superintendent Captain, Gordon Highlanders
TIMMINS, Oliver Henry Ways and Works Engineering Pupil Sapper, RE
TOLLEY, Geoffrey Whitton Ways and Works Assistant Engineer Flying Officer (Pilot)
TOPHAM, William Leslie Operating, BAGSR Assistant Supt. of Motive Power Lieut.-Colonel, Royal Engineers
VANDY, Ernest Edward Accounting Clerk Lieutenant, RE
VARLEY, Gilbert A. Ways and Works Assistant to Chief Draughtsman Lieutenant, RNVR
VISCHER, Thylbert Hanns Henry
born 22/5/1913 in Chalfont St. Peter, Buckinghamshire, son of Sir Hanns Vischer and Isabellede Tscharner, immigrants from Switzerland. Married Kathleen (Kate) M Mulholland.
Mechanical, BAGSR Asst. to Chief of Diesel Section, Remedios de Escalada Lieut. (Engineers), Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve
WALKER, Mrs. Arthur Austin Langley (previously Grace MCLARTY) Accounting Accounting Machine Operator Flying Officer (Pilot) (discharged)
WALKER, George Charles Sydney Mechanical, BAGSR Draughtsman Captain, REME
WALKER, Walter Leslie Mechanical Technical Assistant Lieutenant, RE
WHITE, Campbell Haig Ways and Works Clerk Seaman, RNVR
WILSON, Robert Ways and Works Engineering Pupil 2nd Lieutenant
WOODBRIDGE, Eric Mechanical, BAGSR Chief Draughtsman Major, Indian Army
Source: Revista Sud-Oeste, vol. XX, No. 240, June 1945, pages 117-120; The British Community Council in the Argentine Republic, List of Volunteers Registered by the Volunteers Committee, Buenos Aires, 31 January 1944.
Members of the Staff of the Buenos Ayres and Pacific Railway.
71 who Volunteered for Active Service in World War II.
Name. Professional designation. Rank in 1944. Unit or Regiment in 1944.
ADEANE, Robert Philip Wyndham, OBE Director Colonel Territorial Army
AITKEN, William Duncan Private RAOC
ARNOLD, Edward Bertram 2nd Lieut. Cavalry
BARKER, William Clifford A.M.I.Loco.E. Captain Indian Army
BERTRAM, William M. Pilot Officer RAFVR
BIRKS, Charles George Napier
Born in Agentina 7/8/1914, son of William Kyffin Birks & Bessie Jacobson
Sapper RE (discharged)
BRIGHT, Albert Edward A.M.I.Loco.E. Captain Royal Enginers
BROWNRIGG, Robert Denis Cadet Royal Artillery
BUNTING, Thomas Private RE
BUSHNELL, Robert Sub-Lieut. RNVR
COYSH, John William 2nd Lieut. RE
DOBSON, Edward Guillermo A.C.1 RAFVR
DUNN, Sydney George Walter L/Corporal Intelligence Corps
ELLARD, Harry Douglas A.C.1 RAFVR
ELLARD, Richard William James A.C.2 RAFVR
FALCY, Maurice Emile Pilot Officer RAFVR
FALCY, Mrs. Mary Martin L.A.C.W. WAAF
FIELD, Stanley Graham . . . . . .
FOOTE, Ernest Driver RASC died 18/08/1944
FORREST, Gordon Philip William Lieut. RE
FORSYTH, John Barclay L.A.C. RAFVR
FOULKES, Verner Clarke Sergeant RAFVR
FULLAGAR, Francis Hugh Captain Indian Engineers, died 29/11/1944
GEBBIE, Roy Francis St.John born 28/3/1919, son of Oswald St John Gebbie & Edith Mary Beatrice Buckland, married 8/1/1954 Isabel Amelia Shanly, died 25/7/1996. Lieut. Cavalry
GEPP, Alfred R. M. . . . . . .
HAINES, William Ramiro Sapper RE
HARLAND, Henry Anthony Sergeant RAFVR
HARVEY, Dennis Reginald James,
Born in Junin 9/9/1924, son of William Harry Theodore Harvey and Maud Grieveson James. Died in Buenos Aires 3/7/2003. His father was Chief Draughtsman, BAPR
Argentine Air Force pilot in Falklands War, 1982;
died 3 July 2003
HASTINGS, Anthony L/Corporal R.C. of Signals
HAYWARD, Francis Private RASC
HENSHAW, John Cleworth
Baptized 18/11/1906 St Peter, Swinton, Lancs., son of Clara Louise McTaggart and Thomas Henshaw, railway manager.
HICKFORD, Edward Sub-Lieut. RNVR
HORNSBY, R. I. . . . . . .
HOUGH, James Flight Lieut. Distinguished Flying Cross RAFVR, died 18/11/1943
HOUGH, Kenneth Milner
returned to Argentina, married Mary Rose Tyler, ACW/2, Women's Auxiliary Air Force.
Lieut. Royal Engineers
HOVELL, Frank Andrew Wilkinson Graduate, Inst.Loco.Eng. Major Indian Engineers.
HULL, Adin Associate, Inst.Loco.Eng. 2nd Lieutenant Royal Engineers.
JACKSON, Leslie L. Craftsman R.E.M.E., died 24/06/1944
JONES, Allan Robertson Flying Officer RAFVR
KENT, George Charles Captain Indian Engineers
LACEY, Charles W. Gutherie Flying Officer RAFVR
LOWE, Douglas Vivian Captain Indian Engineers
LUCKHURST, Geoffrey Percival O. Telegraphist RNVR
MACDONALD, Charles Keith Guion Pilot Officer RAFVR
MAKIN, Leonard St.John
born 5 July 1913 in Hurlingham, Prov. of Buenos Aires, son of Llewellyn Williams Makin & Annie Alice King. Married Leslie Kathleen Harvey, sister of Dennis Reginald James Harvey above. Died in 1982
Lieut. Reconnaissance Corps
MILNE, Niel Stewart Captain Intelligence Corps
MILNE, Victor Harry Esmond Private Gordon Highlanders
MOORE, Thomas William James 2nd Lieutenant RE
NORMAN, Ronald Dirham Captain Poona Horse
POOLE, Charles Edward William G. H. Flying Officer RAFVR
PRAGER, Reginald
Died in Argentina 1976
Corporal RAC
PRICE, R. D. . . . . . .
RICHARDSON, Arthur Reeves Major Indian Engineers
RYAN, Edward Albert Corporal RE
SIMPSON, Cyril Pinckney
Born 28/01/1904 in Buenos Aires son of Frederick Pinkckney &. Florence Madeline Simpson. Married Marjorie Mary Mohr-Bell (1899-1989) on 5/09/1930, died on 4 Jan 1994
Captain War Office
STEELE, W. J. D. . . . . . .
STOREY, Frank Victor Irving Lieut. RNVR
TASSEY, Henry Sapper RE
TAYLOR, Norbert Collins Lieut. Royal Armoured Corps
THOMPSON, C. K. . . . . . .
THOMPSON, Raymond L/Corporal Royal Engineers
VIBART, George Meredith Associate Member, Inst.Loco.Eng. Captain
Acting Lieut.-Col.
Royal Engineers.
WALMSLEY, Francis Henry Pilot Officer RAFVR
WARDER, Ernest George Private Royal Army Service Corps
WARING, Samuel Ronald George Graduate, Inst.Loco.Eng. Captain Royal Engineers.
WILSON, D. G. . . . . . .
WOODWARD, William Frank Associate Member, Inst.Loco.Eng. Major Indian Army.
Buenos Ayres & Pacific Railway War Memorial erected at Retiro P., removed in 1949 to the Villa Devoto (Buenos Aires) Anglican Church and thence to the Chacarita British Cemetery; Journal of the Institution of Locomotive Engineers, Vol. XXXIII, No. 174, July-August 1943; The British Community Council in the Argentine Republic, List of Volunteers Registered by the Volunteers Committee, Buenos Aires, 31 January 1944.
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