IO&SAM Solves Input-Output and Social Accounting Models

IO & SAM solves input-output and social accounting models for projected activity levels and prices. IO and SAM tables can have up to 1024 columns. With that many columns, IO&SAM can be used to solve multi-regional models. A detailed manual with explanations of software functions and mathematical procedures is supplied together with numerous sample data files.

IO&SAM also transforms data and uses the input tables to provide more than projection results. The user can

  1. create symmetric, commodity by commodity or industry by industry tables using commodity by industry Make and Use tables;
  2. create symmetric tables assuming commodity technology, industry technology, or mixed technology;
  3. update tables by the RAS method;
  4. transform tables according to alternative assumptions about leakages from final demand, treating them as competitive or non-competitive;
  5. decompose multiplier matrices by the methods of Pyatt & Round and Stone;
  6. balance input-output tables to create primitive SAMs;
  7. estimate real value added by double deflation; and
  8. compute various measures of productivity change and price change

Besides traditional factor productivity and multi-factor productivity, IO&SAM computes input-output based measures of sectoral and inter-industry multi-factor productivity change.

All IO&SAM functions are implemented by selecting choices presented in dialog boxes. There is no need to write and compile computer programs. A picture of the main screen is attached. A student version is also available.

Sample files for illustration of the capabilities of IO&SAM are included in the software package. 1024-column spreadsheet software is also included so that the user can merge and view spreadsheets created with alternative spreadsheet software. Read the manual for an in-depth description of the IO & SAM application.

DIA can supply IO tables and some SAMs for many countries from Argentina to Zambia.

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