Number, causes and consequences of railway accidents in the Argentine. Data for years from 1892 to 1952 are in 60 sheets:

Sheet Title Datum Remarks
A Número Number of accidents A = B + O + AC
B Descarrilamientos Number of derailments B = C+D = E+..+I
C Lugar on open track
D D in stations
E Causas by interruption of or obstacles on the track
F F by false position of switches, turntables, etc.
G G because of defective track
H H because of rolling stock defects: axle breakage details vary
I I because of rolling stock defects: broken wheel rims
J J because of rolling stock defects: other defects
K K for various causes n.e.c. includes E and F when not tabulated separately
L Consecuencias Deaths
M M Injuries
N N Damage to rolling stock (number of cases)
O Choques Number of collisions O = P+Q = R+...+Y
P el lugar on open track
Q Q in stations
R la causa due to negligence of staff details vary
S S due to false orders to staff
T T due to switches set wrongly
U U due to wrong signals
V V due to excess speed when entering stations
W W due to negligent switching
X X due to trains cut by coupling breakage or due to rolling-stock defects
Y Y due to various causes n.e.c.
Z la consecuencia Deaths
AA AA Injuries
AB AB Damage to rolling stock (number of cases)
AC Varios Number of other accidents
AD su lugar on open track
AE AE in stations
AF AF at level crossings
AG AG in workshops excluded in some years
AH su causa by fire in the train
AI AI by collison with road vehicles
AJ AJ Pedestrians on the track
AK AK Boiler explosion refers to locomotive boilers under steam pressure
AL AL Other accidents that caused death or injury
AM su consecuencia Deaths
AN AN Injuries
AO AO Damage to rolling stock (number of cases)
AP Muertos Total accidental deaths AP = L + Z + AM
AQ AQ Deaths by negligence on the part of the victim L+Z+AM = AQ+AR = AS+AT+AU
AR AR Deaths without fault
AS AS Passengers deceased
AT AT Railway staff deceased
AU AU Others deceased
AV Heridos Total of injured persons AV = M + AA + AN
AW AW Injured by negligence on the part of the victim M+AA+AN = AW+AX = AY+AZ+BA
AX AX Injured without fault
AY AY Passengers injured
AZ AZ Injured railway staff
BA BA Others injured
BB Talleres Deaths in workshops Definitions vary. Included in AP and AV from 1937/8.
BC BC Injuries in workshops
BD Suicidios Deaths by suicide, etc. And by sudden death, assassination, etc. Included in AP and AV from 1937/8
BE BE Injuries by attempted suicide, etc.
BF Compensaciones Number of damage claims paid
BG pagadas Total amount of damages paid in gold or paper
BH Notas Totals and sub-totals are only for those railways under the jurisdiction of the National Railways Board. Data for other railways are incomplete and included only in respect of companies that later came under that jurisdiction.

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