A collection of official statistics, directors' reports, proceedings of shareholder meetings, biographies, and selections from technical, historical, and economics literature, illustrated with numerous photographs and diagrams, that contains mostly primary documents instead of secondary works, all collected on a DVD. The advantage in having these on a compact disk is to have on one's desktop materials spread over numerous libraries and, by having them on a disk, to search through them by keywords and to follow hyper-text links already established between the files, to study not only the history of Argentine railways but also the economic and social development of the country in national and regional dimensions, as well as other topics such as Anglo-Argentine relations, business history, transfer of technology, even forest depletion, locust plagues, etc. Books based on many of these files are a separate product.

Besides documents relating to railway history, the collection includes also much of the history of other enterprises such as ranching and mining companies, financial institutions, tramways, gas, water and electricity suppliers, etc., that were linked to the foreign communities that owned Argentine railways.
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Railway operating statistics: from 1857 to 1952 · from 1952 to 1960

Annual reports of Directors and Statements of Accounts with
Reports of Proceedings at Shareholder Meetings

Literature, biographies, pictures, etc.

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Ode to the railway
by Anastasio el Pollo, 1857.

Ode to B.A.G.S.
by John Samson & Clowes Bayley, 1903.

Texts are in English, French and Spanish.

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