Main statistical data for Argentine railways between 1857 and 1891. The data are incomplete for lack of systematic and annual statistical surveys during that time. The source of data for the years 1887 and 1889 is Dirección de Ferrocarriles Nacionales, Estadística de los Ferrocarriles Nacionales, Mayo 1889, signed by José Y. Cortinez. Other sources are statistical yearbooks of the Province of Buenos Aires for the years from 1881 to 1887 and appendices to the statistical volumes published by the National Government's Railways Board from 1893 on. There are 23 sheets:

Sheet Title Datum Remarks
A Vía Length of main-line track in kilometres
B Estaciones Number of stations incomplete
C Locomotoras Stock of locomotives incomplete
D Coches Number of passenger cars incomplete
E Asientos Number of seats in passenger cars incomplete
F Camas Number of beds in sleeping cars incomplete
G Furgones Number of parcels vans incomplete
H Vagones Number of goods wagons incomplete
I Furgones y vagones Number of vans and wagons There often was no distinction made between vans and wagons.
J Carbón Coal consumed incomplete
K Pasajeros Number of passengers carried
L Carga Tons of goods carried May include parcels and baggage.
M Ingresos Total revenues May include revenues from ancillary services
N Gastos Total expenses May include expenses on ancillary services
O Ganancias Profit and loss
P Capital Capital employed
Q Personal Total number of employees and workers incomplete
R Dirección Number of management employees incomplete
S Vía y Obras Number of employees and workers in Ways and Works departments incomplete
T Tráfico Number of employees and workes in Traffic departments incomplete
U Tracción Number of employees and workers in Traction departments incomplete
V Talleres Number of men employed in workshops incomplete
W Notas

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