Notes regarding other industries and railways not treated elsewhere.

The purpose of this section is to broaden the context of Argentine railway history documenting the varied interests of railway directors in other aspects of the Argentine economy.
Includes directors' reports, reports of proceedings at shareholder meetings, operating data, financial data, shareholder lists, liquidation statements, stock exchange quotations, maps, graphic illustrations, etc.
Comprises official notices in the Boletín Oficial de la República Argentina and London Gazette, reports and news that appeared in the London Stock Exchange Year-Book, Money Market Review, Herapath's Railway Journal, The Railway Times, The South American Journal, The Economist, The Statist, l'Économiste français and The Review of the River Plate, concerning numerous companies including firms nearly forgotten because they failed early, were aborted or soon liquidated.

Available files are about:

RailwaysTramwaysNavigationBanksLand & Real EstateWater, Gas, Electricity & TelephoneIndustrial & CommercialMiningRoad Transport


General topics:

Banquet in honour of General Roca, 9 July 1887.
Banquet in celebration of the Centenary of Argentine Independence.
Banquet to welcome first Argentine Ambassador to the UK, 1928.
A Who's Who of the Anglo-Argentine circle in London

Railway Guarantees
An account from first to last guarantees suggesting that while guarantees served to attract capital into new railways, they operated in ways that discouraged the development of those same railways. Includes the texts of all guarantee rescission contracts.
Meeting in London, 1884.
National Railways Board.
Foreign Railways Investment Trust.
Liability of directors.
Rothschild Committee.
Roller bearings, 1897.
Steel rails.
Elevators and bagging of grain.
The Argentine Club in London.
Buenos Aires in 1887,
Astonishing indicators of development and prosperity.

Railway Firms:

  1. Argentine Inter-Provincial Railway Company
  2. Argentine Railway Concessions and Land Company
  3. Argentine Railway Construction Company
  4. Argentine Railways Purchasing Agency, 1947.
  5. Argentine Railway Loan Company, Ltd.
  6. Argentine Railway Syndicate
  7. Argentine Union Railway
  8. Bahía Blanca to Salta and Jujuy (Larrazábal concession)
  9. Branch to Chaquiago
  10. Buenos Ayres & Pacific Railway Equipment and Goods Depot Company
  11. Buenos Aires Provincial Railway
  12. Buenos Aires Central Railroad & Terminal Company
  13. Buenos Aires to Montevideo
  14. Buenos Aires to Rosario (Billinghurst concession)
  15. Buenos Ayres to the River Parana Railway Co.
  16. Buenos Ayres South Western Railway
  17. Central Argentine Railway: Amalgamation, Retiro station and tariffs
  18. Central Argentine Andine Extension Railway
  19. Central Argentine Tucuman Extension Railway
  20. Compagnie française des Chemins de fer Argentins
  21. Compagnie française du Nord-Ouest argentin
  22. Compagno Hermanos
  23. Cordoba Central Railway Equipment Company
  24. Corrientes Light Railway
  25. Entre Rios Eastern Railway
  26. Ferrocarriles Pobladores
  27. Sociedad Argentina de Ferrocarriles y Elevadores Depietri, S.A.
  28. Grand Chemin de Fer Central Sud-Américain
  29. Industrial Railways Company of London
  30. La Plata Railway
  31. Malagueño Railway
  32. Metropolitan Railway
  33. Pedro Vargas to Malargüe Railway
  34. Port Argentine Great Central Railways
  35. Primer Entrerriano Railway
  36. Ocampo Railway
  37. Puerto Pirámides to the Salt Works on Valdés peninsula.
  38. Quijano's Industrail Railway - Lapachito to Zapallar
  39. Rafaela Steam Tramway
  40. Railway Equipment Company of Argentina
  41. Ricardo Lódola & Co.
  42. Rope-way to Famatina
  43. Rosario and Mendoza Railway
  44. Rosario and Western Railway
  45. Rufino and Bahia Blanca Railway
  46. Santa Fe and Córdoba Railway
  47. Santa Fe Northern Railway.
  48. Santa Fe to the Bermejo River.
  49. Société Argentine des Wagons Restaurants et Wagons Lits.
  50. South American Railway Construction Company
  51. South Argentine Railway and Steam Navigation Company
  52. Southern Central Railway of the Province of Buenos Aires
  53. State Railways
  54. Steam Tramway from El Tío to Leones.
  55. Tránsito to Mar Chiquita
  56. Urdáñiz y Cía., their branch to Los Talas.
  57. Western Railway of Santa Fe

Tramways, Stage Coaches and Carts

Stage coaches -- 1895 census.
Contracts for lines of carts with Timoteo Gordillo and Moreno, Ruscheweyht & Co.
Land grants, monopoly franchises, subsidies and profit guarantees for the above.
Cost of carting grain to stations, 1930.
  1. Anglo-Argentine
  2. Argentine
  3. Argentine Electric Traction
  4. Argentine Tramways & Power
  5. Bahia Blanca
  6. Buenos Ayres and Belgrano Tramways
  7. Buenos Aires City & Suburban
  8. Buenos Aires Electric
  9. Buenos Ayres Grand National
  10. Buenos Aires Lacroze
  11. Buenos Ayres National
  12. Buenos Ayres New
  13. Buenos Ayres Street Railway
  14. Buenos Aires Town & Docks Tramways
  15. Compagnie Générale de Tramways de Buenos-Ayres
  16. Compagnie générale des tramways électriques de Rosario
  17. Compañía de Tramways Eléctricos del Sud
  18. City of Buenos Ayres
  19. La Capital
  20. La Plata Electric
  21. La Plata and Ensenada
  22. Metropolitan

Ports and Navigation

  1. Argentine Lighter Company
  2. Argentine Navigation (N. Mihanovich)
  3. British & Argentine Steam Navigation.
  4. Buenos Ayres Bonded Wharf and River Transit Company Ltd.
  5. The Port of Buenos Ayres, 1872
  6. Buenos Ayres Harbour Works Trust.
  7. The New Port of Buenos Aires: Proposals and contract, 1911.
  8. Buenos Ayres Southern Dock
  9. Catalinas Warehouses and Mole Company, Ltd.
  10. Contracts with Edward Augustus Hopkins and Esteban Rams y Rupert
    Land grants, monopoly franchises, subsidies and profit guarantees for ports on the Paraná River and navigation of the Salado.
  11. La Plata Port.
  12. Navigable canals
  13. Port Commercial de Bahia-Blanca.
  14. River Parana Steam Ship Company.
  15. Salado Company.
  16. San Clemente Port
  17. Sociedad de puertos, muelles y depósitos fluviales.
  18. Société du port du Rosario.

Banks and Finance

  1. Anglo-Argentine Bank
  2. Anglo South American Bank
  3. Argentine Farmers' Bank
  4. Bank of Tarapaca and Argentina
  5. Banque de Crédit Foncier et Agricole de Santa Fe.
  6. Banque argentine et française.
  7. Banque hypothécaire franco-argentine.
  8. British Bank of South America
  9. Caisse hypothécaire argentine
  10. Compagnie Générale Financière France-Amérique Latine.
  11. English Bank of the River Plate
  12. London & River Plate Bank
  13. Mercantile Bank of the River Plate
  14. Primitiva Holdings Ltd.
  15. Société de crédit foncier de Santa Fé
  16. Société Financière Rosario - Puerto Belgrano
  17. United Kingdom and Argentine 1933 Convention Trust.
Foreign Debt: Federal, Provincial and Municipal, 1824-1914, including London Stock Exchange quotations.
Shareholder lists:
London and River Plate Bank, 1876 and 1880.
Mercantile Bank of the River Plate, 1873 and 1879.

Land and Real Estate

  1. Albion Land Company
  2. Alto Parana Development
  3. Anglo South American Real Property
  4. Argentine Colonization and Land
  5. Argentine Eastern Land
  6. Argentine Estates of Bovril
  7. Argentine Hardwoods and Lands
  8. Argentine Land and Investment
  9. Argentine Land and Stock Company.
  10. Argentine Lands and Industries
  11. Argentine National & Provincial Lands
  12. Argentine Northern Land
  13. Argentine Republic Land & Trust Co.
  14. Argentine Southern Land
  15. Argentine Timber and Estates
  16. Associated Estancias
  17. Bahia Blanca Sheep, Cattle & Agricultural Farming
  18. Bermejo Estancia Company
  19. British & Argentine Corporation.
  20. Buenos Ayres Land & Cattle
  21. Campana Estancia Company
  22. Central Argentine Land
  23. Cerrillos Estancia
  24. Ciudad de Invierno, S.A.
  25. Compañía Citrícola Centinela
  26. Compañía de Tierras del Oeste
  27. Compañía de Tierras del Sud
  28. Compañía de Tierras y Hoteles de Alta Gracia
  29. Compañía de Tierras y Hoteles de Sierra de la Ventana
  30. Compañía Inmobiliaria Franco-Argentina.
  31. Cordoba Land
  32. Curumalán Estancia and Colonies
  33. Development Company of Santa Fe.
  34. El Ají Land and Colonisation
  35. "El Nueve y Medio" S.A. de Agricultura y Ganadería
  36. English River Plate Estancia & Land.
  37. Estancia & Properties
  38. Estancia El Espartillar
  39. Estancias "La 76"
  40. Estancias y Colonias Walker
  41. Forestal Land, Timber and Railways
  42. Frutales de Pindapoy
  43. Germania Estancia
  44. Guatrache Land
  45. Jewish Colonization Association, incl. official history published on the jubilee.
  46. Las Barrrancas Estancia Co.
  47. Las Cabezas Estancia
  48. L. J. Argentine Estates
  49. Latin American Investment Trust
  50. Leach's Argentine Estates
  51. Liverpool and Argentine Trust & Investment Company
  52. London & South American Investment Trust
  53. Los Ceibos Estancia Company.
  54. Los Mirasoles Estancia Company.
  55. Mortgage Company of the River Plate
  56. New Zealand and River Plate Land and Mortgage Company
  57. Pampa Estancia
  58. Patagonian Sheep Farming
  59. Pedernales - Explotación de Ganadería y Agricultura
  60. Plantaciones del Nord Este Argentino, S. A.
  61. Port Argentine Land and Development Company
  62. Port Madryn Land
  63. Railway Colonization Consortium
  64. Reid Estancias
  65. River Plate and General Investment Trust
  66. River Plate Land & Farming
  67. River Plate Trust, Loan and Agency Company
  68. Rosario and Cordoba Development Company
  69. Salta (Argentina) Syndicate
  70. San Juan Estancia Company.
  71. Santa Fe Land Company
  72. Santa Fe Land (1924)
  73. Santa Fe and Cordova Great Southern Land
  74. Scottish Estancia Company
  75. South American Assets
  76. South American Cattle Farms
  77. South American Hotels
  78. South American Land
  79. United Estancias Company
  80. Yeruá Estancia
    Shareholder lists:
    Central Argentine Land Company, 1870.
    Chubut Company, 1891, 1896, 1901 and 1904.
    Santa Fe & Cordoba Great Southern Land Co., 1889.
    Santa Fe Land Company, 1889 and 1900.
    South American Land Company, 1881, 1907.

Water, Gas, Electricity, and Telephones
George Ernest Stevenson, The Gas Supply of Buenos Ayres, 1890.

  1. Argentine Light & Power
  2. Atlas Light & Power
  3. Bahia Blanca Gas
  4. Bahia Blanca Waterworks
  5. Belgrano Gas
  6. Bright's Light & Power
  7. Buenos Aires Lacroze Light & Power
  8. Buenos Ayres (New) Gas Company
  9. Buenos Ayres Water Supply and Drainage
  10. Compañía Alemana Transatlántica de Electricidad.
  11. Compañía de Electricidad de la Provincia de Buenos Aires.
  12. Compañía Hidro-Eléctrica de Tucumán, S.A.
  13. Compañía Hispano-Americana de Electricidad.
  14. Consolidated Waterworks of Rosario
  15. Cordoba Light & Power
  16. Primitiva Gas
  17. Province of Buenos Aires Gas
  18. Province of Buenos Aires Waterworks
  19. River Plate Electricity
  20. River Plate Gas
  21. River Plate Telegraph
  22. River Plate Telephone & Electric
  23. Rosario and Cordoba Waterworks
  24. Rosario City Improvements
  25. Rosario Drainage
  26. Rosario Electric
  27. San Nicolas Waterworks Company.
  28. South American Light & Power
  29. South Barracas Gas & Coke.
  30. History of the manufacturers, consumption, production, cost and price of gas.
  31. Tucuman Tramways, Light & Power
  32. United River Plate Telephone

Industrial and Commercial

  1. Agar, Cross & Co.
  2. S.A. Fábrica Argentina de Alpargatas
  3. Anglo Argentine Iron
  4. Argentine Fruit Distibutors Company
  5. Argentine Industrial
  6. Argentine Iron & Steel
  7. Argentine Meat Preserving
  8. Argentine Refinery
  9. Argentine Stone & Brick
  10. Argentine Sugar Estates & Factories.
  11. Argentine Tobacco
  12. M. S. Bagley & Co.
  13. British and Argentine Meat
  14. Bieckert's Brewery.
  15. Compañía de Productos Kemmerich.
  16. Delacre's "La Plata" Extract of Beef
  17. Entre Rios Extract of Meat
  18. Evans, Thornton & Co.
  19. Harrods (B.A.).
  20. Highland Scot Canning Co.
  21. James Nelson & Sons.
  22. Liebig's Extract of Meat Co.
  23. J. F. Macadam & Co.
  24. River Plate, British & Continental Meat
  25. River Plate Fresh Meat
  26. River Plate Pressure Meat Preserving
  27. Santiago Sugar Estates & Factories
  28. Sheep boiling establishments in the Province of Buenos Aires -- 1871.
  29. Smithfield and Argentine Meat
  30. South American Stores (Gath & Chaves).
  31. South American Val de Travers
  32. Sugar factories -- 1895 census.
  33. Terrason's Freezing Establishment
  34. Tucuman Sugar Company
  35. Tucuman Estates Sugar Plantations and Factories Company
  36. Wilson, Sons & Co.

James McKean Rowbotham, Mineral Resources of the Argentine Republic, 1897.

  1. Aguilar (St. Joseph's) Mining Co.
  2. Anglo-Argentine Mining
  3. Argentine and General Exploration Co.
  4. Argentine Borax
  5. Argentine Concessions Ltd.
  6. Argentine (Cerro Valle) Gold Fields
  7. Argentine Gulf Oil Syndicate
  8. Argentine Mining Trust
  9. Argentine Oilfields, Ltd.
  10. Capillitas Copper
  11. Carmen Alto Mining
  12. Central Argentine Gold Fields
  13. Central Argentine (Carpa Valley) Exploration
  14. Comodoro Oil & Transport
  15. Compañía Ferrocarrilera de Petróleo
  16. Compañía Mendocina de Petróleo
  17. Concordia Consolidated Mines
  18. Duns Exploration Syndicate
  19. Famatina Copper and Gold Syndicate
  20. Famatina Development Company
  21. Glenrock Company
  22. Inter-American Mining and Smelting Co.
  23. Mining Exploration
  24. Phoenix Ltd.
  25. Pumahuasi, Compañía Industrial del Plomo
  26. Rara Fortuna Silver Mining
  27. Rio del oro Gold Mines, Ltd.
  28. San Juan Gold Mining Syndicate
  29. San Juan Mines
  30. West Argentine Extensions
  31. West Argentine Gold

Road Transport

  1. Compañía de Transportes Camineros
  2. Compañía Internacional de Transportes Automóviles
  3. Litoral Transport Company
  4. Motor Car services in Patagonia.
  5. Transportes Regionales Argentinos.

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