Number, type, weight and capacity of passenger cars in service on Argentine railways from 1892 to 1952, as well as the number of new cars placed in service and inventories and technical descriptions of the cars. There are 52 sheets:

Sheet Title Datum Remarks
A Existencia Total number of carriages in public service Year-end stock. Definitions changed in 1900, 1902 and 1939/40
B Armados Number of cars erected and placed in service Excludes carriages erected during construction and before opening to service. Differs from change in stock by scrapping, sales and purchases, and transfers to company service.
C Ejes Number of axles There were cars of 2, 3, 4 and 6 axles.
D Asientos Number of seats in all classes
E Peso Empty weight of cars
F Servicio Vapor Number of cars in steam train service Data from 1939/40 on
G N de ejes Number of axles
H N asientos Number of seats in all classes
I Peso propio Empty weight of cars in steam train service
J Pullman Number of Pullman cars
K 1a Number of 1st. class cars
L 2a Number of 2nd. class cars
M Mixto Number of mixed 1st and 2nd class cars. Can include other types such as 1st. and dining, second and parcels, etc.
N Dormitorio Number of sleeping cars
O Camas Number of beds in public service
P Comedores Number of dining cars
Q Varios Number of other steam train cars Mostly kitchen cars
R Eléctricos Number of electric motor cars Data from 1939/40 on
S Acoplados Number of trailers to electric motor cars
T T Seats in electric train cars
U U Empty weight of electric train cars
V Coche Motor Number of Diesel railcars and trailers. Data from 1939/40 on. There were steam powered railcars since 1905 and even earlier (on the B.A.W.R.)
W W Number of railcar
X X Number of seats in railcars
Y Y Empty weight of Diesel railcars and trailers
Z Z Railcars for parcels
AA AA Mixed railcars
AB AB Single class railcars
AC AC 1st. class railcars
AD AD 2nd. class railcars
AE Servicio Number of special cars and cars in company service included among cars for public service until 1899
AF AF Number of axles
AG AG Number of seats
AH AH Number of beds
AI AI Empty weight of special cars and cars in company service
AJ Oficiales Official coaches included among cars for company service from 1907
AK AK Axles of official coaches
AL AL Seats in official coaches
AM AM Beds in official coaches
AN AN Empty weight of official coaches
AO Service Cars in company service
AP AP Axles of cars in company service
AQ AQ Seats in company service cars
AR AR Beds in company service cars
AS AS Empty weight of cars in company service
AT AT Number of kitchen cars included among cars for public service from 1939/40
AU AU Axles of kitchen cars
AV AV Seats and/or beds in kitchen cars The beds were for the staff
AW Tara Empty weight of kitchen cars
AX Descripción Description of State Railway carriages in 1940
AY Detalle 1895 Description of the 1895 stock of carriages
AZ Detalle CM Description of railcars: steam, petrol, Diesel and electric
AA Notas Totals and sub-totals are only for those railways under the jurisdiction of the National Railways Board. Data for other railways are incomplete and included only in respect of companies that later came under that jurisdiction.

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