Operating expenses of Argentine railways from 1892 to 1952 distinguishing over 100 expense categories under uniform classification since 1898. There are 109 sheets:

Sheet Title Datum Remarks
A VyO Ways and Works Superintendence Salaries
B Gastos General expenses
C C Total
D D Track Wages of foremen and workers
E E Rails and accessories the accessories are fishplates and bolts
F F Switches and crossings
G G Sleepers and accessories
H H Miscellaneous materials
I I Total
J J Ballast Wages
K K Hire of engines & wagons with their staff
L L Materials and general expenses
M Balasto Total
N N Engineering works Wages for maintenance of bridges and culverts, and tunnels
O O Materials and general expenses
P Obras de arte Total
Q Q Buildings, fences, signals Wages
R R Materials and general expenses
S Edificios Total
T T Workshops, sheds, turntables Wages
U U Materials and general expenses
V Talleres Total
W W Telegraph Wages
X X Materials and general expenses
Y Telégrafo Total
Z Utiles Tools
AA Fondo Renewal fund
AB VyO Total Total
AC Tracción Traction Superintendence Salaries
AD AD General expenses
AE AE Total
AF Maquinistas Wages and salaries Drivers and firemen
AG AG Premiums
AH AH Running shed staff
AI AI Total
AJ Combustible Fuel Coal, firewood, fuel-oil and electricity Excludes electricity when this is shown in sheet AK
AK AK Electricity
AL AL Coalers' wages
AM AM Tools
AN AN Miscellaneous materials
AO AO Total
AP AP Water supply Wages
AQ AQ Water rights
AR AR Materials and horse maintenance
AS Bombeo Total pumping cost
AT AT Pump and windmill maintenance includes both wages and materials
AU Agua Total
AV AV Lubrication Oil and grease
AW AW Waste and sundry materials
AX AX Superintendence of locomotive maintenance Salaries
AY AY General expenses
AZ AZ Total
BA BA Maintenance and renewal of locomotives Wages
BB BB Materials
BC BC Workshop overhead
BD BD General expenses
BE BE Renewal Fund
BF Conservación de Locs Total
BG Tracción Total Total
BH Guardas Trains and vehicles Trains Wages of guards and sleeping car attendants
BI BI Cleaning and lighting of carriages
BJ BJ Tarpaulins and ropes used to cover bales of hay and grain in bags carried in open wagons
BK BK Miscellaneous materials, uniforms and general expenses
BL Trenes Total
BM BM Vehicles Superintendence Salaries and general expenses
BN BN Revisers and greasers
BO BO Lubricating oils and grease
BP BP Various consumable materials
BQ BQ Tools and equipment Maintenance expenses only
BR BR General expenses
BS Vehículos Total
BT BT Maintenance and renewal of carriages Superintendence Salaries and general expenses
BU BU Wages and salaries of workers and peons
BV BV Materials
BW BW Workshop overhead
BX BX General expenses
BY BY Renewal fund
BZ Conservación coches Total
CA CA Maintenance and renewal of wagons Superintendence Salaries and general expenses
CB CB Wages and salaries of workers and peons
CC CC Materials
CD CD Workshop overhead
CE CE General expenses
CF CF Renewal fund
CG Conservación vagones Total
CH CH Maintenance and renewal of rolling stock Total CH = BZ + CG
CI Movimiento Total Total
CJ Tráfico Traffic Superintendence Salaries
CK CK General expenses
CL CL Total
CM CM Stations Wages and salaries of station masters and clerks, telegraph operators, signalmen, yard-men, etc.
CN CN Books, office supplies and equipment, uniforms, lighting, etc.
CO CO General expenses
CP Estaciones Total
CQ CQ Level crossing guards
CR CR Advertisements, timetables, etc.
CS CS General Expenses
CT Tráfico total Total
CU Gastos Talleres Workshops Personnel Office of the engineer Distributed over BC, BW and CD. Not published since 1898
CV CV Fixed machinery
CW CW Other machinery and tools
CX CX Materials Office of the engineer
CY CY Fixed machinery
CZ CZ Other machinery and tools
DA DA Total
DB Dirección Management Board of directors In London or Paris Directors' fees, auditors' fees, salaries, rent, law charges, stationery and printing, and general charges
DC DC Representation in the Argentine Salaries and general expenses of the Local Committee
DD DD Administration Salaries
DE DE General expenses
DF DF Total
DG Almacenes Stores Distributed over various departments or included in Administration since 1898
DH DH Legal expenses and court costs
DI DI Railway Clearing House expenses
DJ DJ Postage and telegraph
DK DK Fire insurance
DL DL Medical assistance
DM DM Tax imposed under the Mitre Law, Article 8 3% of net revenue defined by Law as 40% of gross revenue. Thus effectively an indirect tax of 1.2% of gross revenue.
DN DN Municipal taxes and fees
DO DO Sundries, claims and casualties, contributions to the accident fund, etc.
DP DP Total
DQ Gastos de explotación Total railway operating expenses
DR DR Ancillary accounts Rental of track, land, and buildings
DS DS Hire of locomotives, carriages & wagons
DT DT Vehicle mileage
DU DU Demurrage
DV Cuentas anexas Total
DW DW Accessory accounts Moles and docks
DX DX Elevators
DY DY Produce markets
DZ DZ Tramways
EA EA Ships, tugs and lighters
EB EB Miscellaneous
EC Accesorias Total
ED Gasto total Total expenses including ancillary and accessory accounts
EE Ganancias Operating surplus or deficit EE = Ingresos:Y - ED
EF Notas Totals and sub-totals are only for those railways under the jurisdiction of the National Railways Board. Data for other railways are incomplete and included only in respect of companies that later came under that jurisdiction.
1892-1941 Currency gold pesos = 2.2727... paper
1942- paper pesos = 0.44 in gold

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