Operating revenues of Argentine railways from 1892 to 1952. There are 26 sheets:

Sheet Title Datum Remarks
A Pasajeros Revenue from 1st & 2nd. class passengers, season tickets and berths
B Equipaje Revenue from excess baggage
C Encomiendas Revenues from parcels The mail was carried free of charge by Art. 8 of Law 5315
D Carga Revenues from transport of goods and livestock
E Telégrafo Revenues from telegrams sent by the public The tariff had to be identical to that of the National Post Office
F Almacenaje Revenues from storage and warehousing
G Especiales Revenues from special passenger trains
H Confiterías Rental of coffee shops and restaurants The one is often included with the other
I Coche comedor Rental of dining cars
J Avisos Rental of advertising space
K Varios Miscellaneous revenues n.e.c.
L Explotación Operating revenue L = A+...+K
M M Rentals of track, land and buildings payable by other firms
N N Rentals of locomotives and vehicles
O O Vehicle mileage
P P Vehicle demurrage
Q Anexas Ancillary revenue Q = M+N+O+P
R R Moles and docks
S S Elevators
T T Markets
U U Tramways
V V Ships and lighters
W W Miscellaneous other revenue
X Accesorias Revenue from accessory services X = R+S+T+U+V+W
Y Producto total Total revenue Y = L + Q + X
Z Notas Totals and sub-totals are only for those railways under the jurisdiction of the National Railways Board. Data for other railways are incomplete and included only in respect of companies that later came under that jurisdiction.
1892-1941 Currency gold pesos = 2.2727... paper
1942- Currency paper pesos = 0.44 in gold

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