The file has 10 sheets giving the length of lines on 30 June 1944 and dates of the concession, construction contracts, and opening to service with notes about construction costs as much as they were known. Entries in italics give data on lines abandoned before 1943. An 11-th sheet shows the principal terms of guarantees enjoyed by guaranteed railway companies.

Sheet Title Railway
A FCCNA Argentine Central Northern, San Cristóbal to Tucumán, Argentine Northern (ex Dean Funes to Chilecito and Chumbicha to Catamarca)
B CC TA TVR Cordoba Central (Buenos Aires Extension, Cordoba and Rosario, Original Line, Northern Section and Argentine North-Western), Transandine, and Rafaela Steam Tramway.
C SF CGBA RPB French companies: Santa Fe, Compagnie Générale dans la Province de Buenos Aires, and Rosario à Puerto Belgrano
D CBA ER NEA Standard gauge lines: East Argentine, Argentine North-Eastern, Entre Rios, Buenos Aires Central, and Eastern (State Ry.)
E FCS BBNO Buenos Aires and Ensenada, B.A. Southern and Bahia Blanca North-Western
F FCO Buenos Aires Western Ry.
G BAP GOA B.A.Pacific, Argentine Great Western, and Villa Maria and Rufino
H FCCA Central Argentine. Western of Santa Fe, Buenos Aires and Rosario, Santa Fe and Cordoba Great Southern.
I Patagonia Central of Chubut and State railways in Patagonia: San Antonio to Nahuel Huapi, Comodoro Rivadavia to Colonia Sarmiento, and Puerto Deseado to Colonia Las Heras.
J BAM PBA Buenos Aires Midland, Province of Buenos Aires and Rosario to Mendoza (approximate data)
K Garantías Guaranteed mileage, capital and interest rate, duration, effective dates, and date of rescission, for each railway company.

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