With the exception of working timetables and diagram books, the various materials are available in the following forms and under the following conditions:

For personal use:

Item Contents Price Delivered
Payment by
Statistics Vector (row or column) 1.00 € each (minimum 10.00 €) e-mail PayPal
Complete table 25.00 € CD PayPal
All tables 170.00 € CD PayPal or official purchase order payable by check
Other materials G. S. Brady's book 37.00 € CD PayPal
Shareholder Lists 20.00 € each CD PayPal
Other Texts 8.00 € each CD PayPal
Photos and/or diagrams
Photos of superior quality
2.00 € each
8.00 € each
e-mail PayPal
Timetables, passenger, 1884-1960 50,00 € CD PayPal
Chronologically animated maps 40.00 € CD PayPal
Complete including statistics
excluding photographs of superior quality
700.00 € DVD PayPal or official purchase order payable by check

For institutions and libraries:

Complete statistical tables340.00 €
All files on DVD1,400.00 €

Updates: The price of the complete DVD will be increased as more material is added. Purchasers of the whole DVD are entitled to the latest, updated version for only 75.00 € for individual use, or 150.00 € for institutions and libraries.

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Canada, K1T 1H9
DIA Agency Inc.

You will be invoiced by return e-mail for secure payment using your PayPal account.
If you have no PayPal account, then the alternative forms of payment are by Western Union or by bank draft.

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