Passenger, goods, and other traffic of Argentine railways, 1892 to 1952. There are 74 sheets:

Sheet Title Datum Remarks
A Pasajeros
B Recibidos
C Transportados Passengers carried includes passengers in transit and interchanged
D En 1a Passengers carried in 1st. class
E En 2a Passengers carried in 2nd. class includes single class
F Pas km Passenger-kms. carried Estimates based on sampling
G G Passenger-kms. carried in 1st. class
H H Passenger-kms. carried in 2nd. class
I Ida One-way tickets issued
J y vuelta Number of trips on and excursion tickets
K Abonos Annual number of season-tickets
L Viajes Trips represented by season-tickets
M por mes Monthly average number of trips by a season-ticket holder
N 1a Average kms. travelled by a 1st. class passenger Estimates based on sampling
O 2a Average kms. travelled by a 2nd. class passenger
P Recorrido Average kms. travelled by all passengers
Q Camas Beds allocated to 1st. class passengers only
R Pases libres Free passes issued Incomplete reporting by railways
S Equipaje Excess baggage carried, in metric tons It is baggage in excess of the 50 kg. allowance carried free of charge
T T Ton-kms. of excess baggage carried Estimates based on sampling or on the average trip-length of a passenger
U Rec medio Average length of haul of excess baggage
V Telegramas Telegrams of the public sent by the railway Use of the railway telegraph was forbidden in localities served by the Post Office
W Encomiendas Parcels carried, in metric tons
X X Ton-kms. of parcels carried Estimates based on sampling or on the average length of haul of goods
Y Dist media Average length of haul of parcels
Z Carga Goods and livestock carried, in metric tons This is goods and cattle of the public, of the company, and of government, in local traffic, in transit, or interchanged
AA Ton Km Ton-kms. of goods and cattle carried Estimates based on year-round way-bill samples (by the B.A.W.R. on all way-bills in the month of March)
AB Km por Ton Average length of haul of a ton of goods or livestock
AC Despachada Goods and livestock originating, in metric tons
AD Recibida Goods and cattle terminating, in metric tons
AE Tránsito Goods and livestock in transit, in metric tons Goods neither originating nor terminating at stations of the carrier
AF Común Goods and livestock interchanged, in metric tons Goods originating or terminating at stations of another railway
AG Local Goods and livestock in local traffic, in metric tons Goods terminating at stations of the originating railway
AH Servicio Service traffic, in metric tons Goods for use by the carrier (fuel, materials, etc.). May include goods on capital account and government traffic unless shown separately.
AI Cuenta Capital Goods carried on capital account Goods used for new construction by the carrier. Occasional data.
AJ Gobierno Government goods carried Goods owned by Government and carried at half-tariff. Occasional data.
AK Porcinos Swine
AL Ovinos Sheep includes goats
AM Equinos Horses
AN Vacunos Bovines
AO Ganado Weight of the livestock originating Counting swine as 100 kgs., sheep as 50 kgs., horses as 400 kgs. and bovines as 500 kgs. per head.
AP Trigo Wheat
AQ Lino Linseed
AR Avena Oats
AS Cebada Barley
AT Centeno Rye
AU Maíz Maize
AV Cereales Other cereals Includes oats, barley and rye unless they are tabulated separately
AW Harina Flour
AX Afrecho Bran
AY Pasto Hay and alfalfa
AZ Cueros Horse and cow hides
BA Lanares Sheep and goat hides
BB Lana Wool
BC Huesos Bones and horns
BD Cerda Bristle and hair
BE Grasa Grease and tallow
BF Algodón Cotton
BG Arroz Rice
BH Maní Ground-nuts
BI Uva Grapes and other fresh fruit May include vegetables
BJ Naranjas Oranges and tangerines
BK Ajos Garlic and onions
BL Papas Potatoes May include legumes
BM Tabaco Tobacco
BN Yerba Paraguayan tea
BO Caña Sugar cane
BP Piedra Stone May include limestone
BQ caliza Limestone
BR Cal Lime May include limestone
BS Arena Sand
BT Ladrillos Bricks May include sand
BU Cemento Plaster and portland cement
BV Azúcar Sugar
BW Vino Wine May include alcohol
BX Cerveza Beer
BY Alcohol Alcohols
BZ Leña Firewood
CA Maderas Lumber, logs, sleepers, posts and sawdust On the B.A.W.R. it is fence posts only
CB Tanino Quebracho extract
CC Carbon de leña Charcoal
CD de piedra Mineral coal
CE Nafta Gasoline and kerosene
CF Petróleo Crude petroleum May include petroleum products
CG Minerales Minerals May include crude petroleum
CH Agua Water
CI Sal Salt and saltpeter
CJ Papel Paper
CK Detalle Detailed goods in per cent of the total
CL Clase I Class I Incomplete data published from 1894 to 1927 that ceased to be published in 1928
CM Clase II Class II
CN Clase III Class III
CO Clase IV Class IV
CP Clase V Class V
CQ Clase VI Class VI
CR Clase VII Class VII
CS Clase VIII Class VIII
CT Clase IX Class IX
CU Clase X Class X
CV Especiales Special classes, service and miscellaneous
CW Notas Totals and sub-totals are only for those railways under the jurisdiction of the National Railways Board. Data for other railways are incomplete and included only in respect of companies that later came under that jurisdiction.

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