Passengers departing from and arriving at Argentine railway stations and halts, by station; goods and livestock shipped from and received at stations, by station from 1896 to 1944, and commodity detail of goods and livestock originating at stations, by stations, which vary in number from 937 in 1896 to 2849 in 1944. Each file has three kinds of sheets: 4 with time series of passengers and freight originating and terminating at every station and interchanged at junctions. Another four sheets show commodity detail for 1896 to 1899 published in statistical yearbooks of the Dirección General de Estadística. Another 38 sheets show the commodity detail of goods and livestock originating at every station and received at junctions in all years from 1900 to 1935, 1942/43 and 1943/44, published by the National Railways Board. No such commodity detail of freight originating by stations was published by the National Railways Board for the years from 1936 to 1942, however, some such data were found in statistical yearbooks of the provinces.

The study of the traffic can be complemented with that of buildings, tracks and other station equipment provided to serve shippers and requirements of the train service.

Note: One should not use the traffic data printed in the original publications because of typographic errors. Our traffic by station spreadsheets were corrected by comparisons with other tables in the same publications and by adjustments to row and column control sums. Remaining errors are indicated in the tables.

There are 25 files:
File name Railways
COMODORO Comodoro Rivadavia to Sarmiento colony
CHUBUT Central of Chubut
DESEADO Port Deseado to Las Heras colony
FCCNO Cordoba and North-Western
FC_ESTE Del Este (State Ry.)
FCBAP Pacific, Arg. Great Western, Villa Maria and Rufino, and branch to Malargüe (State Ry.)
FCBBNO Bahía Blanca North-Western
FCCA Central Argentine, Western of Santa Fe, Buenos Aires and Rosario, and Santa Fe and Cordoba Great Southern
FCCBA Central of Buenos Aires
FCCC Cordoba Central: Buenos Aires Extension, Cordoba and Rosario, Original Line, Northern Section, and North-West Argentine.
FCCyR Cordoba and Rosario
FCCGBA Compagnie Générale de Buenos Aires
FCCNA Argentino del Norte, Central Norte Argentino and Embarcación to Formosa
FCER Entre Ríos
FCMBA Buenos Aires Midland
FCNEA East Argentine and Argentine North-Eastern
FCNOA North-West Argentine
FCO Buenos Aires Western
FCRPB Rosario to Puerto Belgrano
FCS Buenos Aires and Ensenada and Buenos Aires Great Southern
FCSF Province of Santa Fe
FCTA Argentine Transandine
FCTVR Rafaela Steam Tramway
SANTONIO San Antonio to Nahuel Huapí

Each file has up to 46 sheets with stations in the rows:

Sheet Title Datum Remarks
A Passengers originating Number in columns from 1896 to 1943/44
B Passengers terminating Number in columns from 1898 to 1943/44
C Goods and livestock originating Tons in columns from 1896 to 1943/44
D Goods and livestock terminating Tons in columns from 1898 to 1943/44
E to H 1896 to 1899 Tons Grains, wool, hides, etc. shipped from each station.
I to AR 1900 to 1935 In columns for about 25 goods and 4 types of livestock originating at each station.
There are no data for the Central of Chubut from 1923 to 1928.
There are no data for other Patagonian railways before 1924.
There are few data for the B.A.Midland; only data for 1913 and 1943/44 in sheets A to D and AT and for grains originating in 1930 to 1933.
For each of the State, Cordoba, Santa Fe, Central and Pacific there is also a 1938/39 sheet with data for stations in Córdoba province.
The Argentine North-Eastern Ry. file also has a sheet with the commodity detail of goods originating and terminating at stations in 1898, published in the Directors' Report for that year.
AS 1942/43
AT 1943/44
AU Index to Stations Showing locations by county and name changes.
To assist the study of traffic by stations, the index page shows the population at stations according to the censuses of 1914, 1947 and 1960.

For some stations there are data for the years 1871, 1884, 1888, 1945, 1954, 1955, 1961/2 and 1962/3. For the Western Railway they are data in sheets A and C for 1871 and 1888, including stations on lines later sold to the CAR, BAER, and BAGSR. The State Railways provided data for sheets A and C and the year 1945.

For the Argentine North-Eastern there are data from Annual Reports of the Directors of traffic by stations since 1892 and details of goods forwarded and received, and of freights paid at each station during 1898.

For some railways there are no data on traffic terminating in 1898 and 1899. Several railways excluded the weight of cattle from the total tons of freight originating and terminating at stations until 1905.

For the BAGSR there are details of parcels shipped in 1921 by station and by commodity.

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