Railway mileage in the Argentine Republic from 1892 to 1952; materials used in construction, maintenance and renewal of tracks; stations, goods and locomotive sheds and other buildings, etc. See also the table of Station Equipment where the totals in the present table are distributed over all the numerous stations.

There are 29 sheets:

Sheet Title Datum Remarks
A Vía Length of main line at the end of the year, in kms. May differ from published figures by measurement corrections made in subsequent years
B Librada Length of main line opened to service during the year. Differs from published figures by being without deduction for track removals and measurement corrections. May differ from publication by reallocation from when published to when actually opened
C Doble Length of line with double or multiple tracks
D Desvíos Length of sidings Definitions change, figures differ by inclusion or exclusion of short lines and junctions
E Madera Length of main line laid on hardwood sleepers The sum of these equals the length of main lines published for the year without future measurement correction.
F Acero Length of main line laid on steel sleepers
G Sillas Length of main line laid on (obsolete) cast iron pots
H Rieles y eclisas Rails, fishplates, nuts and bolts used in maintenance and renewal of track
I kg por m Weight of rails in kgs. per metre (nearly ½ of the weight in lbs. per yard) The lighter rails were often replaced by renewal with heavier rail and then re-laid in construction of "new" lines.
J Cambio Switches and crossings used in track maintenance and renewal
K Durmientes Hardwood sleepers used in track maintenance and renewal
L de acero Steel sleepers used in track maintenance and renewal Law 5,315 (the Mitre Law of 1907) forbade the use of steel sleepers in new construction
M Alcantarillas Number of culverts Data vary by change of definition. In general, a bridge is considered such if its span exceeds 5 metres.
N Luz Span of culverts in metres
O Puentes Number of bridges
P P Luz Span of bridges in metres
Q Túneles Number of tunnels
R Longitud Length of tunnels in metres
S Estaciones Number of stations
T Edificios Number of buildings for staff
U U Number of wagon and carriage sheds
V Talleres Number of workshops Data differ by inclusion of locations were repairs were made in open air.
W Dep. de Locs Number of round-houses and other locomotive depots
X Galpones Number of goods sheds
Y m2 Covered surface of goods sheds, in square metres There are no data for years before 1918
Z Estanques Number of water tanks These are the tanks for supply to steam locomotives. They exclude the drinking water tanks for supply to buildings.
AA Casillas Number of huts for line walkers
AB Telégrafo Length of telegraph wiring Sometimes it is only the length of line, counting only the first wire.
AC Material Details of track materials in 1934, 1938, 1940 and 1945. Rails, sleepers and ballast in State Railway lines. Note the use of second-hand rails.
AD Notas Totals and sub-totals are only for those railways under the jurisdiction of the National Railways Board. Data for other railways are incomplete and included only in respect of companies that later came under that jurisdiction.

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